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Us and Them in the New World Order

The world did not radically change on September 11. The reasons for that act of terror lie in the shift in the geopolitical balance of power in the past quarter of a century. The contrasts that already existed are hardening into segments of inclusion and exclusion.

Indonesia : The 'Reformasi' in My Java Village

While the reform movement may have put a stop to the hegemonic position of Golkar as the ruling party, it would be an exaggeration to see the election results as a manifestation of successful resistance against the restrictions on civic rights. The leaders of the reformasi campaign in the villages were not, after all, representatives of the landpoor, but the local elite who were articulating their own interests. Real reformasi has not yet even begun in the villages.

Remembering Arvind Das

Arvind Das's career was marked by his balancing act, carried out over many years, between academia and media. He needed academia for reflection and introspection; the media enabled him to address a much wider audience and appealed to his urge for immediacy. Global-local, history-sociology, praxis-theory, academia-media, in Arvind's perception these labels were not mutually exclusive. Rather than separating them in his work and writings he sought linkages among them.

Indonesia : Politics of Poverty and a Leaking Safety Net

While the Indonesian government reports an increase in poverty to get foreign loans, the World Bank tries to push down the estimates. The truth is that poverty has increased to 30 to 35 per cent since the economic crisis. Migrant labourers suffer bitter poverty. The situation requires a redistribution of economic and political power.

The End of Globalisation

Jan Breman While the total and swift collapse of the Asian stock exchanges and money markets during the last few months may not spell the undoing of the Asian miracle and the beginning of the end of globalisation, there are signs of a structural shift that amounts to a reassertion of western hegemony.

Hong Kong Big Brother Is Eagerly Waiting for You

Hong Kong Big Brother Is Eagerly Waiting for You Jan Breman The western press emphasises the anxiety and uncertainty with which the people of Hong Kong await their future, but what preparations for the transfer are being made by the Chinese? The party mandarins in Beijing appeal to nationalist sentiments while pursuing a political- economic regime that derives its inspiration from the example of Singapore. It remains to be seen however, whether what has been a success for an autocratically-led city state will also be a feasible model for an enormous subcontinent with numerous centrifugal forces.

Indonesia Beginning of End of New Order

The privatised state has been a tool in the hands of a small elite who want to perpetuate their power to extend their illegally-gained wealth even further. The iron hand with which the regime maintains itself is the reason why Megawati and her PDI can count on far more support from diverse quarters than can be explained by nostalgia for Sukarno and the past.

Bali s Killing Fields Thirty Years Ago

Jan Breman Thirty years ago, the myth of Bali's harmonious and spiritual community, inherited from the colonial era, seemed to have been destroyed for alt time. That was when Bali fell victim to the explosion of violence that brought death to between 5,00,000 and a million Indonesians. The number of people killed on the island is uncertain, but it cannot have been far less than 80,000. Within the space of a few weeks, one in every 20 Balinese had been killed. And if the perpetrators are added to the number of their victims, and taking into consideration the many more who were detained secretly and indefinitely, one in every three households became involved in this 'purge' of what was said to he a paradise on earth. And then the curtain of silence was drawn.

Labour, Get Lost-A Late-Capitalist Manifesto

The World Bank's capitalist manifesto in the form of the World Development Report 1995 devoted to the theme of 'Workers in an Integrating World' exaggerates, distorts, selects or avoids information and, every now and then, does not shy away from disinformation.

Anti-Muslim Pogrom in Surat

Anti-Muslim Pogrom in Surat Surat is basically one big transit camp of labour. These footloose proletarians are subject to repression and exploitation in a capitalist framework remarkable for its nakedness and rawness. The orgy of violence which broke out in the second week of December last has to be seen against this backdrop.

I am the Government Labour Officer-State Protection for Rural Proletariat of South Gujarat

'I am the Government Labour Officer ... ' State Protection for Rural Proletariat of South Gujarat Jan Breman Gujarat is one of the states in which the government claims to make vigorous efforts to improve the conditions of those who, in official jargon, have fallen behind in the development process. In this context agricultural labourers from an important target group and several years ago a separate government agency was set up especially for them, to supervise compliance with the law on minimum wages. A Rural Labour Commissioner based in Gandhi- nagar heads the organisation, which has its own offices and personnel in every district with a high percentage of landless. Surat in South Gujarat is one of these concentration areas.


The concept of health planning has become grossly distorted over successive five year plans; the Draft Five Year Plan, 1978-83, is no exception.


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