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Articles By James Petras

Zionists and the US Joint Intelligence Report

The strong Zionist lobby in the United States and Israel supporters in Britain and France continue to talk of hostilities against Iran despite the National Intelligence Estimate report on the non-existence of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme. The Zionist-neoconservative combine is bent upon war against Iran to establish Israeli hegemony in west Asia and to control natural resources in the region.

US-West Asia Wars: Social Opposition and Political Impotence

While 60 per cent of the US people favour the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the domestic peace movement against the war has failed. The collapse of the peace movement, the lack of credibility of most of its leaders and the demoralisation of many activists can be traced to strategic political failures such as the unwillingness to identify and confront the real pro-war movement and the inability to create a political alternative to the Democratic Party.

Bolivia: Evo Morales' Pursuit of 'Normal Capitalism'

In no way has the Evo Morales-Garcia Linera regime in Bolivia attempted a radical break with capitalism; at best, it represents an attempt to "moralise" existing capitalist elites. Morales is rhetorically anti-imperialist, while in practice the economy is dependent on the multinational corporations and on aid from both Europe and the United States.