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Struggle for a Level Playing Field Continues

Ensuring a level playing field for all sportspersons, especially sportswomen, requires a radical overhaul of all sports bodies, to make them gender inclusive, transparent, democratic and accountable. The first step is to constitute the mandatory internal complaints committees and grievance redressal systems and derecognition of the sports bodies for non-compliance.

Women’s Participation in Protests against the Three Farm Laws in India

The farmers’ movement in India against the three farm laws has been considered historic in many ways. The movement built unity and solidarity between different sections of society and at the same time it led to a churning in the agrarian social structure. An important feature of the movement was a large-scale active participation of women at different levels. This paper provides descriptions and insights into the forms in which women participated in the protests and factors, which were working behind this participation with specific reference to Haryana. Certain possible progressive changes in the gender relations as a result of the women’s participation in the movement are noted and tasks for future to sustain and strengthen these changes are identified.

Women's Charter for the 16th Lok Sabha Elections - 2014

We, the women of India, feel that the outcome of these elections will greatly impact women’s struggles for safety, equality and progress. On behalf of crores of women from diverse sections of society from rural and urban areas, across the length and breadth of our country, we wish to draw public attention to the issues that have affected women in recent times. The concerns highlighted here need to become part of the mainstream political agenda in the forthcoming elections and in future government policy to ensure equality and dignity for the women of this country across social groups. 

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