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Articles By J J Roy Burman

Un-making the 'Commons'

Shifting Landscapes: The Making and Remaking of Village Commons in India by Rita Brara; Oxford University Press, New Delhi; J J ROY BURMAN Rapid depletion of forests, destruction of the natural resources and the burgeoning environmental crisis has of late drawn the attention of the academics, environmentalists, activists, development workers and the NGOs world over. The present treatise under review provides a reflection of the same. Rita Brara, the author is immensely concerned about this. She stresses at the outset that the environmental concern is not to be limited only in physical terms. It needs to be looked through the edifice of social constructs. Her prime concern is about the

Shivaji's Myth and Maharashtra's Syncretic Traditions

Despite fears of increasing communalisation in public life and the attempt to portray Shivaji as a 'Hindu' raja, long-standing syncretic traditions observed by followers of different communities, from diverse caste backgrounds continue to flourish till date across Maharashtra. As borne out by several case studies cited in this article, Hindus and Muslims frequent dargahs, mazars and chillahs, and there are instances of temples in the Konkan region drawing followers of Islam. There are also shrines and sacred sites that possess a dual identity - they are both a dargah and a temple at the same time; deities bear both Hindu and Islamic names and priests of both communities officiate at ceremonies.