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Judiciary, Legislature and Executive-A Proposal for Resolving Conflicts

A Proposal for Resolving Conflicts J B M Conflicts between different organs of the State have perhaps never been so open in this country as they are today.

Transplanting the Ombudsman

December 17, 1966 The Left C P I may well be wrong in adopting the present extreme tactics. Militancy is a contagious disease. If the non-Left-CPI leftists are now assuming militant attitudes or postures, these may have been forced upon them by the Left CPI. The fortuitous combination can very easily be mistaken for a genuine revolutionary upsurge. A car tyre bursting is not the same as a bomb bursting, though they make the same kind of noise. But it is difficult to see how the Left CPI can lose, whatever happens. They have a gambit for every possible situation. If they have increased strength in the next legislature, BOOK REVIEWS they will say it shows how popular they are. If they experience poor showing at the polls, they will say it only shows what a sham these so-called free elections are. If hartals peter out because of police action, they will say it shows how repressive the Government is. Nor is the Left C P I disconsolate because this kind of stance hurts the Congress less than it hurts the other leftists. To the Left CPI, there are no other leftists.
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