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Thoroughly Superficial

development in Ada Is not bright (vl) Monetary incentives, dependence on market forces and private enterprise, are not likely to overcome the barriers set up by the hierarchical social order. On the contrary they are likely to make the situation worse by accentuating inequality arid creating greater social tension. The remedy is to be sought in political and administrative action, (vii) Political action is required for the mobilisation of the peasants and the rural poor and the city workers for changing die hierarchical social order into a more democratic social system by altering property distribution between occupations and providing equal opportunity for entry into every profession by providing equal educational opportunity to all. (viii) Such measures, even if approved by the legislature, will not be implemented by usual type of bureaucracy. A new type of administrative system needs to be set up, to push through the social revolution which will be run by activists with strong social and political links with the people. Although the author's basic analysis seems to lead to the conclusion that nothing short of a violent revolution would do, his conviction that such revolution has no chance of success in most of the Asian countries, including India at least for the present, leads him to make recommendations which resemble very much what the Indian Five- Year Plans have prescribed from time to time but failed to implement in practice It would have been useful if the author had analysed more critically why many of the basic policy recommendations of the Indian Plans, which were in line with his own ideas, got diluted and even distorted by the politicians and bureaucrats when it came to actual implementation in spite of the backing that they had of an outstanding political leader and head of government like Jawaharlai Nehru for many years.

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