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Ties That Might Bind

The official relationship between India and Japan has now been elevated to a "global" and "strategic partnership." Understanding this qualitative leap in India-Japan ties is less easy than it looks. An origin story of the India-Japan relations explains how its state today is a reflection of the way Japan has changed in the last half a century.

Hazy Skies

The recent episode of an oppressive smog that blanketed Southeast Asia highlights an entirely new kind of problem in contemporary international relations, namely, the complexity of transnational governance when traditional remedies--from bombs and missiles at one extreme, to diplomatic démarches and summits on the more polite end--are of no use at all. Not only is responsibility and accountability diffuse and spread across a number of actors-- private and public, domestic and foreign--the presence of non-state agents confuses standard diplomatic operating procedures that are designed to respond to the predations of other states.

India's Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

An exploration of what the Andaman and Nicobar Islands mean to India--as a nation and as a state. This article suggests that the manner in which it has been visualised as a peg in the country's geopolitical strategy reduces the possibilities its location and history provide to India. It further argues that it would be self-defeating to view these islands merely from a geopolitical angle and not factor in the many histories of the people who inhabit it at present.

Tianxia A Distinctly Chinese Vision of Global Hegemony

An exploration of a new Chinese vision of international relations which positions the erstwhile "Middle Kingdom" as the 21st century's lodestar of global stability and progress.

Breaking New Ground in Study of Nuclear India

Atomic Mumbai: Living with the Radiance of a Thousand Suns by Raminder Kaur (London and Delhi: Routledge), 2013; pp xv + 304, Rs 895.

Growth and Sustainability

Nuclear Power, Economic Development Discourse and the Environment: The Case of India by Manu V Mathai (London and New York: Routledge) 2013; pp xvii+229; no price listed.

An Ambitious Introduction to Latin America's Politics

Latin America: An Introduction by Vasant Kumar Bawa (Delhi: National Book Trust), 2010; pp 322, Rs 90.

The Risks of Nuclear Power

Designing and running nuclear power requires an entirely different mode of planning and assessment than possible with conventional risk analysis. There is little indication that the existing organisational culture of the Department of Atomic Energy permits such "over-the-horizon" creative thinking as is required.


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