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Climate Refugees: A Rejoinder

The assertions regarding the impact of sea-level rise in India and Bangladesh ("Climate Refugees", 6 June 2009) are not defensible. Sea levels have not risen in such magnitudes and therefore this is unlikely to be the reason for vast land loss. Indisputably, the potential impact of sea-level rise in the 21st century on people living in such regions is serious, and the subject needs determined deliberation.

Threat of Arsenic to Agriculture in India, Bangladesh and Nepal

Arsenic-polluted water used for irrigation in certain areas of India, Bangladesh and Nepal is posing a health hazard for people eating food from the crops irrigated. The accumulation of arsenic in the soil is a threat to sustainable agriculture in the areas affected. These problems are not yet widely recognised. Urgent action is required to address them. The most important need is to assess the scale of the problem so that appropriate interventions can be planned.

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