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Anarchy, Paternalism, or Collective Responsibility under the Canals

Responsibility under the Canals ?
Henry C Hart India has, for the next five years, undertaken to build 8 million hectares of medium and major canal irrigation. It" is as much as was achieved in one hundred years under the British empire. The pace of completion of canal networks, most of them from major storage reservoirs, will have to be stepped up one-third above the already accelerated pace of building in 1977-78. Utilisation of the potential created calls for field channels, for land levelling, for demonstration farms, ayacut roads, etc; in other words, for an entire new set of links between the government canals and the farmers9 fields.

MPs as Nation-Builders

"Nation-formation is a political function of all nation-states, . . In India the status and conditions or national integration are visible in the connection or disjunction between decisions in the Lok Sabha on the one hand and relations of MPs with their constituents on the other'', in this article the author examines the role of the Members of Parliament belonging to the ruling party and the opposition in establishing channels of communication between their constituents and decision-makers, in articulating needs of the former and influencing the policies of the latter.

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