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Social Forestry Time to Modify Goals

Social Forestry: Time to Modify Goals?
Harry W Blair Should social forestry be seen necessarily as yet another big farmer perversion of a rural development effort intended to bring benefits to marginal farmers and the landless but in fact putting additional income into the pockets of the rural rich? Or, can a case be made that perhaps social forestry objectives should be modified somewhat and that with a changed set of goals there is ample scope for a flow of benefits to the rural poor? Such questions are especially pertinent at present, given the government's programme for massive afforestation of degraded lands and the release in October 1985 of a World Bank-sponsored study calling for a five-year, $ 500 million, fuelwood- agro-forestry effort in India.

Rising Kulaks and Backward Classes in Bihar-Social Change in the Late 1970s

Rising Kulaks and Backward Classes in Bihar Social Change in the Late 1970s Harry W Blair The Janata period in Bihar has been plagued with instability and violence in the state's political life, its universities and its bureaucracy. In the minds of many observers, the disruption and its immediate cause, the Karpoori Thakur ministry's reservation policy, are indicative of a sea-change in the structure of Bihar's political economy: the 'Forwards' or 'twice-born' caste groups that had been dominant in Bihar since independence and before are being replaced by the 'Backward' castes as the dominant stratum in the state.

Sheikh Mujib and Deja Vu in East Bengal-The Tragedies of March 25

The Tragedies of March 25 Harry W Blair In the White Paper that the Government of Pakistan published in August 1971, it was asserted that the Awarni League of Sheikh Mujihur Rahman plotted in conspiracy with India an uprising that was to take East Bengal out of the Republic of Pakistan.

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