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SINGAPORE-Patriots Overnight

SINGAPORE Patriots Overnight Harish Chandola THE spectacle of so many people turning into Bangla Desh patriots overnight these clays frightens one. The new-born nation appears to be in danger of being overwhelmed by educated mercenaries who are now jumping on the bandwagon of Bangla Desh patriotism in the hope of landing good jobs in that State, now practically without civil servants, Singapore journalists were witnesses to OTIC of these spectacular overnight conversions. In the second week of December there arrived at Singapore airport, with Mian Ziauddin, the Special Envoy of the then Pakistan President, Yahya Khan, a smartly-dressed Bengali, Shams-ul Alam, the Director of the South-East Asia Division of Pakistan's Foreign Affairs Ministry. The two had been sent by President Yahya with personal letters to heads of Governments in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to peddle Pakistan's point of view on Bangla Desh and the conflict with India.

SINGAPORE-Reactions to the War

December 25, 1971 SINGAPORE Reactions to the War Harish Chandola SINCE the beginning of this month, over two million people of Indian origin in Malaysia and Singapore have been spending a good deal of their time sitting hunched over their radio sets, listening eagerly to every scrap of news from the India-Pakistan war front. Their conversation centres on the war and they openly express their joy and satisfaction over the tidings of Indian victories in the eastern sector. They feel proud that India is able to wage a successful war and their chauvinism while backing a country they have long ago forsaken knows no bounds.

SAIGON- Distribution Centre, for US Arms

of the laws concerning abortion by choice was revived; and inevitably the search operations for the so-called 'Baader-Meinoff Group', the anarchist red rebels of West Germany, was dramatised to new heights.

SINGAPORE-Pig-Faced Use Foreign Forums

SINGAPORE 'Pig-Faced' Use Foreign Forums Harish Chandola ASIAN emigres who go around telling others what they .should do, were described by the Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, as 'pig-faced' people who did not know what they looked like. Why do they not go back to their own countries and work for the advancement of their own people, instead of criticising others and offering unsolicited advice, he asked.

SINGAPORE-Friendship without Commitment

terrible sufferings to one-third of the population of the city and paralysed it for over a fortnight. Normalcy is still not within sight. The official estimate is that the total loss because of the heavy rains and floods has been of the order of about Rs 400 crores. This estimate does not take into account losses due to closure of shops, factories and educational and other institutions. The Chief Minister has belatedly stated that the Fourth Plan will be reoriented towards flood control.

KUALA LUMPUR-Peking Picks a Friend

KUALA LUMPUR Peking Picks a Friend Harish Chandola IF Peking decided to choose a country in southeast Asia to establish relations with, which one would it be? The obvious choice would be Malaysia. And that is what Peking has just confirmed. It has established the first contact by sending a 13-man trade delegation to Kuala Lumpur, which held talks there from August 22 to 28.

SINGAPORE-Backstage Meeting

SINGAPORE 'Backstage' Meeting Harish Chandola THE Foreign Minister, Swaran Singh, visited Indonesia and Singapore during his Southeast Asian tour from August 12 to 15, In Indonesia he led the Indian team which held bilateral talks with the Government there and in Singapore he called on the Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. One would like to write about his meeting with the Singapore Prime Minister first, because the manner in which it was arranged was really unfair to both the Prime Minister and the Indian Foreign Minister.

LAOS-Triumph over Technology

August 21, 1971 LAOS Triumph over Technology Harish Chandola "IT sure is a funny way to fight a war. I mean, I have yet to even see Vietnam or Laos. I get up in the morning, have breakfast and fly off. And man, I don't see anything

SAIGON- A Prolonged War

If Chou En-lai's statement of July 22 is any guide, the most ticklish problem between China and the US going to be that of Japan and its role in Asia. China would insist that as the US is forced to leave the ports of Asia, it does not as a parting gift try to put Japan in a position to share its erstwhile role in Asia. The Japanese, unlike the Americans, have successfully ruled this part of Asia once, China's security problems are further complicated with the rise of the Japanese superstate. It is to be seen what position Presidetit Nixon takes on this question. It is difficult to see at the moment what assurances Nixon can possibly give to the Chinese on this account.

VIENTIANE-New Light on Souvanua Phouma s Role

 gration in the wake of the Bangla Desh movement and the inability of the Pakistani Government to disengage itself from China

KUALA LUMPUR-Malaysia-China Relations

 KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia-China Relations Harish Chandola LATE this month, or early next, the first over trade delegation from China will visit Malaysia to begin negotiations on direct trade between the two countries, In May, a 19-rncrnber Malaysian trade delegation, which had gone to visit the Chinese spring trade fair in Canton, had got invited to Peking, and there three of its members had been given an unexpected but most pleasant interview by Prime Minister Chou En-lai.

SINGAPORE-To Kill an Unmocking Bird

ECONOMIC AMD POLITICAL WEEKLY his last meeting Rippon agreed to the principle of "Community preference" for these products from the moment of entry.


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