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HANOI-Meeting with Prince Sihanouk

 HANOI Meeting with Prince Sihanouk Harish Chandola PRINCE NORODOM Sihanouk has just returned to Hanoi from his first visit to the liberated areas of his country. Ninety per cent of Cam- Ixnlia is now firmly in the hands of the government of which he is the head of state (the Royal Government of National Union of Cambodia), and the remaining ten per cent is largely controlled by the guerillas of the National United Front. Phnom Penh, the seat of General Lon Nol's regime, is now a besieged city, cut off from the country and the people, totally dependent on US air supply.

VIETNAM JOURNAL- New Position of Women

VIETNAM JOURNAL New Position of Women Harish Chandola I CANNOT help finding reflections of the present-day life in my country in the not so distant past of North Vietnam, For instance, when members of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) tell me that, before the Vietnamese revolution, the birth of a baby-girl was received coldly by the father because she could not continue the lineage and perpetuate the family heritage. Or when people in the village tell me of the old folksong, sung as a lullaby by mothers with their baby-daughters in their arms:

VIETNAM JOURNAL- Development of Agriculture

April 7, 1973 ever, two important differences in the situation which have to be taken into account. For one thing, China was rather a passive actor in the nineteenth century developments. It had little option hut to watch helplessly the various moves and counter-moves in and about Tibet. All that China succeeded in doing was that Britain did hot recognise Tibet as an independent sovereign state. The British did concede Chinese suzerainty over Tibet. One does not know whether this typical Anglo-Saxon exercise of distinguishing between sovereignty and suzerainty made any sense to the Chinese. The Chinese, in any case, seemed to have ignored it and continued claiming full sovereignty over Tibet. Secondly, the two powers between which Tibet was a buffer were great imperial powers, Russia and Britain. China, on the other hand, was a weak power. The imperial dynasty of China was already in its death throes. The picture would have been radically different if a strong central authority had existed in China.

VIETNAM JOURNAL-A New Society through Education

 cause it is so difficult to tell them from the villagers. After sproadic encounters all that can be seen are blond trails leading off into the jungles.

VIETNAM JOURNAL-The Modest Victors

 VIETNAM JOURNAL The Modest Victors Harish Chandola AN aerial Dien Bien phu took place over Hanoi in the 12 days of December last, from 18 to 29. During this period the United States tried to implement its threat to bomb North Vietnam back- to the stone age. And lost. It lost 81 planes in those 12 days to anti-aircraft fire and to the skilful and determined fight put up by the small North Vietnamese Air Force. North Vietnam's fighter planes broke formations of US bombers and fighter-bombers and its anti-aircraft guns and missiles tracked and brought them down. Among the 81 planes shot down over Hanoi, there were 34 B-52s and five F-llls, the latter being the most sophisticated, advanced, versatile and expensive aircraft in the US arsenal. (The total number of US airplanes downed over North Vietnam from August 5, 1964 to January 17, 1973 is 4,181, including 6S B-52s and 13 F-llls shot down in the later part of 1972.) This was just like Dien Bien Phu in 1954. To continue bombing would have meant drastic damage for the US Strategic Air Force, about whose devastating destructive power much had been .said, In Hanoi's zoological park, next to the cage of mocking birds, is an enclosure displaying the debris of a B-52 bomber of the US Strategic Air Force, brought down over the park itself. These day more people visit the zoo to look at the fragments of this monster bird of death than at the animals, In that enclosure are its throe-storey high tail-fin, shreds of wings 50-fect long, with ailerons torn out of them, fuel tanks that could store water for a whole? small town and engines as big as generators capable of supplying power to a small town. A poster hung from a tree over these pieces of the murder weapon shows young militia women rejoicing with cherubs, and is captioned: "Victorious Hanoi''. Anywhere you go in Vietnam, the people you meet say: "B-52s are nothing to be afraid of and I'M lis cannot frighten us. We can shoot them ail down". You have only to visit the Various parts of the country, where fragments of B-52s and F-llls and Phantoms lie, to realise that this is not an idle boast.

VIETNAM JOURNAL-The thrush does not stop singing because a gun has been fired

February 24, 1973 VIETNAM JOURNAL ''The thrush does not stop singing because a gun has been fired" Harish Chandola First Day IT would have been difficult to choose a more joyous day for arriving in Hanoi than Tet, the Vietnamese New Year Day, this year; the first New Year Day of peace in years; a New Year Day that came along with a great victory. After years of haste to reach Hanoi, I have finally arrived here on this day when the victorious Vietnamese are welcoming the New Year with unsurpassed happiness. It is an unusual New Year Day because it is sunny and warm and without the fine misty drizzle that falls on this day, making it chilly and cold.

VIETNAM-The Vanquished Withdraw

February 17, 1973 VIETNAM The Vanquished Withdraw Harish Chandola A LEAFLET distributed to US soldiers by the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam years ago had said: "Your war for democracy is going on back home. The Vietnamese people are not your enemy. Go homer* Now the US forces will be finally going home, with their men, military equipment and even prisoners-of-war whom North Vietnam and the NLF will soon be releasing.

Canada, US Tool in Indochina

Canada, US Tool in Indochina Harish Chandola MUCH before a ceasefire gets signed in Vietnam, Canada has started laying down conditions for accepting the position of a supervisor of that ceasefire. the manner in which Canada is laying down the conditions indicates that it is less interested in helping Vietnam to solve its problems and have peace than in enlarging its own authority in a supervisory body for the ceasefire. The question that arises is: on whose behalf does Canada want to exercise its authority?

VIETNAM-A New Kind of Steeling

November 25, 1972 is written in the Tibetan script, it is used as a medium of instruction in primary schools of only Buddhist areas. It must be extended to the Muslim areas also with option to use the Persian script so that the Ladakhi language continues to serve as a common bond between the two major communities of the region.

VIETNAM- US Double-Dealing

November 18, 1972 It was not until after the leaders were released from prison in 1966 and the 1967 elections had taken place that sections in the party could force a debate on ideological issues. The party was convulsed by a split in 1968, after Naxalbari because not only the ideological issues came up for debate but sections in the party reopened issues regarded as settled

SINGAPORE-Japanese Activity in East Asia

October 28, 1972 SINGAPORE Japanese Activity in East Asia Harish Chandola JAPAN'S efforts to normalise its relations with China are leading toa lot of speculation in many Asian countries. One way of understanding the situation will be to examine Japan's role in Asia. Japan has made larger capital investments in several Asian countries, exported industrial plants to them and provided their governments with substantial credits at the somewhat high interest rates of 4

CARACAS-Unused Fund of Goodwill

Unused Fund of Goodwill Harish Chandola THE municipal council of the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, last month described India as "the remote historical cradle of our civilisation.'' The council which was expressing its rejoicing on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Indian Independence, said the event was "of incalculable historical and political transcendence". The parliament of Venezuela also passed a resolution felicitating India on that occasion and said that India had made a great contribution to understanding, friendship and solidarity among peoples, especially among those of the Third World.


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