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LAOS- Charter of a New Regime

fixed hours of work, limited use of child labour in agricultural operations and proper book-keeping by the farmer- employers. However, despite the existence of the Minimum Wages Act and Rules, agricultural workers in Bihar had to wait till October 16, 1970 when the first minimum wages scheme was introduced. Incidentally, that was the time when rural tensions in 'he state were threatening to reach the flashpoint. The latest scheme is an updated version of the 1970 scheme; the minimum wages stipulated earlier have been revised to take account of the rise in prices. Though the authorities have emphasised the importance of enforcement of the minimum wages stipulated, no new mea sures are proposed to achieve this. Mostly, the changes made have to do with relegating more administrative and executive powers to the existing authorities, e g, the district magistrates.

VIETNAM-Towards Early Reunification

WEST BENGAL Revival of Big Business Interest ? did not got raw materials in time during the last couple of years. Another at least 50 units in the small and large sectors are believed to be facing the same situation at present.

THAILAND- Still at Odds with Indochina

THAILAND Still at Odds with Indochina Harish Chandola THAILAND has failed to adopt a very clear policy towards its Indochina neighbours. On the one hand the Thai Government talks of wanting to establish good relations with the new governments in Cambodia, South Vietnam and Laos and with the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), but on the other it does not appear prepared to resolve a major outstanding issue between itself and Vietnam. This issue concerns the return to South Vietnam of planes and warships taken away to Thailand by fleeing army and air force officers of the Thieu regime during its collapse in April this year. The establishment of peaceful relations with Laos is another major outstanding issue.

Friction in Sino-US Relations

November 15, 1975 except one of which are likely to be at full strength and with all except one possessing, or being equipped with, relatively modern aircraft (Mirage 3/5, MiC-19, F-5A). India may expect to face an 18-squadron level by 1978, based on PAF and borrowed Mirage 3/5s, F-SA/Es, and MiG-19s. The advantage in terms of squadrons will become less than 2-to-1 in India's favour; moreover, the number of squadrons with modern aircraft may be only 18 to 14 in India's favour. This means that the PAF would have gone a very long way in closing the gap between the two air forces. Besides

TIMOR- Indonesian Intervention

October 4, 1975 the instance of the Union Housing Ministry; it too has got into trouble for two reasons. First, as a white paper on rural reforms admits, the administration from the block to the district levels has failed to devote much time or attention to the scheme. Secondly, the allocation for the scheme has been slashed from Rs 50 lakhs in 1974-75 to Rs 30 lakhs in 1975-76. But funds cannot be the real problem. In the last three fiscal years, even such amounts as have been allotted to the various districts have not. been fully utilised. Nearly one third of the total sum sanctioned was surrendered by the district administrations the 'home for the homeless' scheme,

UNITED STATES- Political Use of Grain Surpluses

September 27, 1975 block; after all it helps to deflect the blows that would fall on us at home." But no for long. The Coptic church still continued to extract 50-05 per cent of the harvest from an increasingly pauperised peasantry. As the sixties wore on the sporadic peasant uprisings took on a markedly political, anti-church and anti-feudal character. To this was joined the Eritrean struggle which continued to bleed national resources. But what proved to be the catalytic factor was the famine of 1972-73

INDOCHINA-Creating Dissension

 INDOCHINA Creating Dissension Harish Chandola THE British used to play this game. Create dissension. Other powers have taken it up now. That is why we are told, mainly from Washington and sometimes from Bangkok, that the newly-liberated South Vietnam and Cambodia are at odds with each other; that the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam (PRG) has quickly occupied some islands in the Gulf of Thailand that belonged to Cambodia; that the Soviet Union has asked the PRG to allow it the use of the former major US military base at Cam Ranh Bay, that differences of opinion have emerged between Vietnam and China on international issues, etc. These are attempts at sowing dissension and creating discord between Cambodia and the PRG, between the PRG and the Soviet Union and between Vietnam and China.

New US Strategy in Asia

 New US Strategy in Asia Harish Chandola A MISTAKEN impression is gaining ground that the United States is withdrawing from Asia and will henceforth not be interfering or intervening in the affairs of the countries of this continent. If one is not too naive and does not believe that the US interference and intervention was to protect freedom and democracy, etc, then one will see that wherever the US .stepped in directly or indirectly, whether in Latin America or Asia, it was always to protect its own interests: the interests of its investors turning in a quick dollar by exploiting the plentiful local natural resources and very cheap local labour or of its monopolies grabbing riches at low prices.

CAMBODIA- Spring of Victory

CAMBODIA Spring of Victory Harish Chandola THE battle, lasting more than 100 days, for the liberation of Phnom Penh

VIETNAM- Who Are the Refugees

VIETNAM But one would come to that later. Who Are the Refugees? Harish Chandola CALCULATED efforts are being made through propaganda in newspapers to mask the brilliant victories of the people of South Vietnam in their struggle against US involvement and interference, for national salvation and for the implementation of the Paris Agreements' on Vietnam of 1973, by overplaying stories about the plight of refugees moving southwards from towns and cities recently liberated in the northern and central parts of South Vietnam. It is therefore necessary to explain here who these refugees are and in what circumstances they are being moved southwards by the US and Thieu administrations which are now desperately trying to get other countries involved in their scheme to open a way for direct outside interference in the internal affairs of South Vietnam.

NAGALAND- The Day of the Eagle Ouster of UDF Government

April 5, 1975 The Day of the Eagle Ouster of UDF Government Harish Chandola NAGALAND WHAT caused defections from the United Democratic Front (UDF) which brought about the collapse of Its year- old government in Nagaland on March 9, 1975, and again why did 10 MLAs cross the floor to join the UDF, finis ending the life of the 11-day old Naga Nationalist Organisation (NNO) government on March 21, resulting in promulgation of President's rule in that state?

VIETNAM- Two Years after Signing the Paris Agreements

March 1, 1975 several new things that have happened to China and the Chinese people, he warns that "our leading comrades must pay close attention to the socialist revolution in the realm of the superstructure". At another place he argues for "a vast Marxist theoretical force in the struggle and use [of] Marxism to occupy all spheres in the superstructure''. Earlier on in the report he talks of "the dictatorship of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie in the realm of the superstructure'' Thus the NFC has underlined the extraordinary resilience of the superstructure. One can see the point. Even in experiments with non-socialist or so-called 'socialistic' patterns of development, the tremendous problems that the tenacious, centuries-old superstructure of the ancient civilisations create VIETNAM are well known, Nobody has, however, talked about them, except in terms of social science cliches of 'tradition and modernity' which contribute nothing to the resolution of the problem of 'change'. Mao and his comrades have at least addressed themselves to this task. They have launched a mass movement for a thorough attack on the superstructure. Mao, like many leaders in Asia, has inherited a world where, as Mencius put it, "some labour with their minds and some labour with their strength; those who labour with their minds govern others; those who labour with their strength are governed by others". Presumably, Mao wants to make Mencius stand on his head! Therefore the importance of the superstructure. And therefore also the importance of the attack on the superstructure.


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