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A Theory of Industrial Exit

tended to be positively related to total expenditure in 1989-90 and inversely related in 1990-91 (see Figures I and 2). The results also show that in contrast to 1989-90 rural classes experienced higher rates of inflation as compared to their counterparts in urban areas. This is understandable since food- grains account for a large share in the budget of the rural consumer.5 Nevertheless, rural- urban differences are less in magnitude compared to inter-class differences.

Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme-Geographical Distribution of Employment

Geographical Distribution of Employment Hannan Ezekiel Johann C Stuyt If the Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) genuinely meets the unmet needs of employment some concentration of EGS employment may be expected to occur, because it is unlikely that the unmet needs of employment are evenly distributed. This article looks at the geographical distribution of EGS employment in Maharashtra in order to examine to what extent the scheme has been responsive to the unmet employment needs reflected in the agro-ecological and other economic conditions affecting their employment opportunities relative to the growth of their labour force.

Distribution of Education among Income Groups

ed imminent as individual entrepreneurs went in search for quick profits. Today, despite repeated requests by the influenzal sections of the paper industry to be allowed to raise forests, the government is unwilling to allot them the required land, for much the same reason. 1,82 For example. Nelson, op cit. Appendix; Mobbs, op cit. p 10 ff.


A First Peep Hannan Ezekiel THIS Seminar on Consultancy Services organised in Bombay on November 11 and 12, 1972 by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India focused attention on a profession which has shown extremely rapid growth during the last few years. A number of factors have contributed to this growth. Rapid industrial growth and the increasing degree of reliance which industrial projects have had to place on the long- term financing institutions have been important in this respect. However, as HT Parekh, Chairman of ICICI, pointed out in his welome address at the Seminar, the abolition of the managing agency system in which consultancy services were in a sense internalised and the growth of new entrepreneurs who often know little or nothing of industrial activities have created a demand for services of consultants that has led to a corresponding increase in the supply.


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