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Economic Issues in Sericulture Study of Karnataka

Economic Issues in Sericulture: Study of Karnataka H G Hanumappa S Erappa The potential of sericulture for generating employment and income in rural areas is the basis for the programmes initiated by the Government of Karnataka for promoting sericulture. This potential, however, varies as between traditional and non-traditional areas because of differing costs of production of mulberry leaf and rearing of silkworms.

Income Distribution in Urban Areas-A Case Study of Bangalore

have no legal sancitity; If they have been undertaken under the Defence of India Rules, which they probably have, it is time that we have a public debate on them. Parliament has not debated them, no legislature has ratified them, and they have not been tested in the courts. The government of Assam neatly ducked an attempt at testing them; they cancelled the grouping orders for the villages referred to in a case before the Gauhati High Court. (I would make a shrewd guess and suggest that Tanhril and Melriat villages near Aizawl, where the old trees yet offer shade, were the villages excluded from grouping.) The government of Assam did not care for legal proprietiesUnlike Nagaland, no legal cover was sought even after grouping was accomplished. I have used the Nagaland Regulation more as a model

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