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Articles By GPD

Vanar Sene, Muthalik, etc

In the reams and reams expended on criticising Pramod Muthalik, the Sree Ram Sene and their ilk for their attacks on women, we do not see that the Muthalik kind of defence of Indian "culture" is the result of our incomplete modernisation. This is what Muthalik's violence, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's tacit acquiescence with such behaviour and Union Women's Affairs Minister Renuka Choudhary's response all share in common.

You Are Classical, I Am Classical!

Only in India would you expect to see the central government decide which language is "classical" and which one is not. Sanskrit, Tamil, and now Kannada and Telugu have been decreed by the State as classical languages, while the government of Kerala has taken up the cause of Malayalam. But why not Marathi, Bangla, Assamese, Oriya or even Hindi? The irony is that even as there is a scramble to acquire classical status, whatever that may mean, all the Indian languages are becoming more and more irrelevant to the politics and economics of the country.

Politics of Art

M F Husain comes from Pandharpur, known in history as the capital of protest. Husain's paintings must be judged by the criterion of aestheticism and not on the grounds of "blasphemy". There is no word for blasphemy in Sanskrit or Pali, or in the Hindu and Buddhist texts. It is clear that the entire campaign against Husain is meant to show a Muslim's "contempt" for Hinduism.