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Nalini Pandit Classes in Marxist theory are not mere economic categories. They are living social groups whose attitudes and responses are determined by historical and cultural factors. The materialistic interpretation of history does not imply an exclusive emphasis on the economic factor to the comparative neglect of others. The purpose of formulating a social theory is to understand the attitudes and responses of different social groups to particular programmes.

Progressive State Governments-An Assessment of First Communist Ministry in Kerala

Progressive State Governments An Assessment of First Communist Ministry in Kerala Georges Kristoffel Lieten The debate on the possibilities and desirability of leftist state governments is on again since the spectacular victory of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in West Bengal and Tripura, The assess- ment of leftist state governments is usually based on ideological predispositions and not on a careful analysis of its acts of commission and omission.

Secret Reports on Communism in British India

Secret Reports on Communism in British India Georges Kristoffel Lieten Communism in India (by) Sir Cecil Kaye with Unpublished Documents (1919-1924) by Subodh Roy; Editions India, Calcutta, 1971; pp 384, Rs 30.

Marxist Scholarship and Revisionist Politics

The latter, organised as ZIPA, based in Mozambique and fully supported by Samora Machel, declared themselves independent of the "politicians''. Not only that, there were reports on October 9 from Salisbury that ZIPA guerillas had raised and burnt down a farm belonging to Samuel Monoda- wafa, the national chairman of ZAPU. To all appearances, the US and the USSR seem to be openly colluding, given their support of ZAPU. But the appearance conceals a serious contention between the two. While both support ZAPU, the US would like Nkomo to come to power keeping intact the repressive state apparatus that Smith has built up over the previous 13 years. The Russians, on the other hand, would like Nkomo to dismantle that same apparatus, especially Smith's army. To displace it, they are widely believed to be training inside Angola, with Cuban assistance, a future ZAPU army some 18-20,000 strong.

Blinkered Statisticis

some members of these parties participate in electoral contests only to enhance their ability to disrupt the electoral and parliamentary arrangements that have been established in India" (italics added).

Communism and Communalism in Kerala

Communism and Communalism in Kerala Georges Kristoffel Lieten Politisch-Soziale Struktur und Entwicklung eines Indischen Bundes- landes (Kerala: Politico-Social Structure and Development of an In- dian State) by Manfred Turlach; Wiesbaden; pp 386.

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