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Statistically Motivated

Why Unitary Social Science? by Ramakrishna Mukherjee (Delhi: Primus Books), 2012; pp 132, Rs 695.

Rethinking Social Sciences and Humanities in the Contemporary World

While Eurocentrism is a problem in Indian disciplines of knowledge today, a careful understanding of the methodological and conceptual issues involved in the diversification, interdisciplinarity and the advancement of the western systems of knowledge is required. Though there is a seeming illogic in the profusion of disciplines in the west today, it is marked by a heroic spirit for new experimentations, adventures and scientific advancement. True, its dynamic is often deleterious and fragmentary to the subject positions and cultural identity of the western humankind. Nonetheless, in the final tallying of the good and bad, the knowledge explosion only works to their overall advantage compared to the rest of the world.

Writing Family Histories

The oral transmission of lineage is prevalent among almost all communities in Kerala as elsewhere. But giving it an enduring written form, a profusion of family histories are being produced among the Syrian Christians of Kerala with a veneer of scientific historiography. While some are works of high scholarship and historical accuracy, most appear to be heraldic manifestos intended to establish the putative superiority of the family. What role do these quasi-fictions play in the identity-construction of the Syrian Christians given the socio-political location in which the community is positioned today?

Globalisation Traumas and New Social Imaginary

Without being able to identify with either the upper castes or the lower castes on caste questions, or with left ideologies or rightist forces on the political front the visvakarma community of traditional artisans in Kerala aimlessly wanders from one shelter to another. The changes that are taking place in the self-identity of this community buffeted by new economic forces provide a clue to the process of reformulation of community identities by middle caste groups in recent times.

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