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VIETNAM-Rehabilitation of Prostitutes and Drug Addicts

quo and far so instilling our people with the frenzy of patriotism and chauvinism as to make it at least temporarily difficult for them to distinguish between the ideology and reality of nationalism. The rulers obviously know What they are doing. Let the intellectuals not sacrifice their conscience for transitory petty gains. Whatever its sins in the past, the Indian Council of Historical Research needs to be saved from the government for the sake of intellectual freedom and autonomy.

VIETNAM-Reorganisation of Agriculture in the South

VIETNAM Reorganisation of Agriculture in the South Genevieve Lemercinier Francois Houtart THE reorganisation of agriculture is one of the vital problems of South Vietnam; a rapid increase in agricultural necessary, not only to lessen import of essential, com modities, but .also to give employment to, millions of, unemployed, (During the last years of the war, the old regime; imported annually some 700,000 tonnes of foodstuffs,) For example, the city of Saigon needs daily 1,000 tonnes of rice, 300 tonnes of vegetables, 200 tonnes of meat or fish. At the time, of the. liberatoin out of over three million inhabitants, over one and a half million were out of work, Of these, about 700,000 were able to return to their villages where they were absorbed in the new. economic zones. All the towns in the South had to face the. same problem on a greater or lesser scale.

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