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National Environment Policy

The NEP approach to conservation strategy emphasises giving primacy to economic instruments and facilitating economic valuation of environmental resources and services. However, it falls short of the ideal in several key areas, including its lack of attention to the preservation of biodiversity. The NEP needs to be amended to proclaim unambiguously the national commitment to conserve invaluable biodiversity and to enshrine stakeholder-based biodiversity conservation as the principal concern of environmental policy.

Reason or Irrationality:Time to Choose

Intellectually well-meaning criticisms of many policies of US governments have been internalised as hatred of America and Americans in the conscious or unconscious minds not only of the lunatic fringe of religious fundamentalists but also of large numbers of apparently rational people, particularly in the poorer countries. In the aftermath of the maniacal attacks of September 11 the foremost challenge will be to dispel the clouds of hatred if irrationality is not to triumph over reason.

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