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Disparities in Per Capita Household Consumption in India-A Note

Based on National Sample Survey (NSS) 18th round (February 1963-January 1964) household budget data, this paper examines disparities in the level of living as measured by per capita household consumer expenditure at current prices in rural and urban areas of different states in India, Both betweenand within-state disparities are discussed, with the emphasis on the latter.

Consumer Prices and Per Capita Household Consumption in Rural India-Variation between States

Consumer Prices and Per Capita Household Consumption in Rural India Variation between States N Bhattacharya G S Chatterjee Budget data collected in the 18th round of the NSS has been utilised for constructing indices of consumer price variation among the rural areas of the different states of India. Consumer price indices, computed to compare the price level in each state with that in rural India as a whole, are also employed to compare the average per capita total household expenditure in the different states at rural India prices.

Rural-Urban Differentials in Consumer Prices

G S Chatterjee N Bhattacharya This paper examines urban-rural differentials in consumer prices utilising the National Sample Survey 18th Round (February 1963-January 1964) household budget data for estimating the weighting diagram and the itemwise average prices.

Deflation of Private Consumption Expenditure

M Mukherjee G S Chatterjee It is possible to obtain a series of aggregate private consumption expenditure based on NSS data for the period 1953-54 to 1963-64. This series does not vary materially from the series obtained from official national income statistics.

Trends in Distribution of National Income 1950-51 to 1965-66

Two major conclusions flow from this study of Trends in Distribution of National Income
First, the evidence is not conclusive on the movement of disparity in the distribution of personal income by size reckoned at current prices, but the overwhelming indication is that there has been some increase in disparity after 1951-54 and also towards the end of the period chosen for study.

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