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China End of Act One

G P Deshpande Recently in some analyses of the latest developments in China's Cultural Revolution an attempt has been made to show that Mao Tse-tung is after all retreating. The so-called "three-way alliance" between the revolutionary rebels, the People's Liberation Army and the Party cadres is, it is suggested, really a face-saving device.

Even If Butcher Chang Is Dead...

A FIERCE POSTER-WAR is going on in China all kinds of posters making all kinds of accusations at practically all the principal Chinese leaders. Some of the leaders are accused of following the bourgeois reactionary line; for some accusations are not enough they should be burnt, so the posters say. Every day new names are being condemned and the number of discredited leaders is increasing. It has become difficult to keep count. It is impossible to tell which leader belongs to which faction. The air is full of faction-talk as it were. Pekingology and Pekingologists are at a loss to make sense out of the poster war. Every day a new head falls. The axe of Red Guard fury falls on a new victim each day. The other day, participating in a BBC debate on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a prominent American Sinologist confessed that it was all amazing and confusing.

China s Great Cultural Revolution

G P Deshpande China's 'Great Proletarian Revolution' is not the product of a whim or fantasy of ageing Mao. It is a well-planned drive to mobilise the people, to make them more vigilant and tackle the enormous problems of China.


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