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Loss of Third World Perspective

on the part of the precision Approach Radar Control at Santa Cruz, which comes under the supervision of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. If this is true, it is a very serious charge indeed that calls for investigation. The only other paper that took reasonable reportorial notice was The Hindustan Times (August 11) which said in a report by S Gopalakrishnan that IA is driving both planes and pilots too hard.

One Battle in a Long War

April 7, 1979 INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS One Battle in a Long War G P D "I am an old man and my cars aren't good. I can't hear anything you are saving." Deng Xiaoping to his critics on April 13/1978.

Socialism by One Country

March 3, 1979 INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Socialism by One Country G P D THE inevitable has happened. Deng Xiaoping has moved his men to carry out the punitive action. Deng's language was never his strong point. He has now demonstrated that his actions can be as rough as his language. There was a time when political analysts used to speculate when and if the Chinese would enter the Vietnamese embroglio. It has happened now except that 'the American imperialists and their running dogs' were thrown out of Saigon a good four years ago. Remember that phrase of the 1960? Nobody uses such quaint and obsolete phrases any longer. The .socialists in Moscow do occasionally Italic of imperialism but usually avoid naming the Americans (see Brezhnev's report to the 25th Congress of the CPSU). The socialists in Peking think that Soviet social imperialism and its allies are the number one problem today.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS-The Territorial Imperative

been charged with plotting to assassinate Ne Win and his Cabinet and overthrow the government. One of the accused was an official of the BSPP. This was followed by the dismissal of two Cabinet Ministers in September and another in October. The dismissed ministers were rounded up, along with several members of the Central Committee and the Secretariat of the BSPP, "to remove the threat of challenge to President Ne Win's authority". Addressing an Extraordinary Party Congress on November 14, 1977, San Yu charged that a group of Central Committee members had formed a clique which had placed its self-interest above that of the Party and the State.

HAMBURG-Campus Musings

for the participation of PASOK in the Malta conference, Papandreou said: "By our presence, we affirm our determination to strengthen the bonds that have deep historical roots

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS-A Question of Appearances

that all the power wielders cannot sit in Delhi and talk seriously about states' rights and responsibilities In a sense, the defective thinking on the future of the states is brought home to us by servitors elected to lead states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh by a Jan Sangh- BLD combine, and the casual way in which the anger of Janata MLAs about non-performance is dealt with by the patron saint of the servitors, Home Minister Charan Singh, And the Prime Minister is so comfortable in astrology and other aberrations that he too lets the drift continue. If they are waiting for God to intervene, then God help us. What they need to be told in no uncertain terms is that they were elected on an anti-Indira vote, and that they still have to win respect and influence.

On Eurocommunism

On Eurocommunism G P D CARRILLO, the Spanish Communist party leader, once said (not very long ago) that talk about 'Eurocommunism' would soon fade away like fashions do. It is not clear why he did not use the expression "wither away" which would have expressed his feelings better. Carrillo is quite obviously annoyed at the way the Western news media are talking about Eurocommunism. He must also be angry at the way Moscow chooses to talk about it. He wants to blame it all on the fashion-seeking ways of the Western world. Sooner or later the talk will fade. The hard reality of Eurocommunism will remain. At least Carrillo seems to think so.

European Notes

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS European Notes G P D IT is exactly five years since the famous Munich Olympics massacre took place. Once again, Germany seems to be visited by violence and terrorism. Last month, a banker from Frankfurt, Jurgen Ponto, was killed outside his large villa near Frankfurt. He was packing his things for a holiday in Latin America. Last week, Schleyer has been kidnapped. An enormous ransom has been demanded. A neutral middleman, a lawyer from Geneva who is chairman of the International Federation for Human Rights, has been appointed. One does not know what will come of this exercise. Violence is in the air. People are angrily and anxiously discussing what this terrorism means. The Red Army Fraction, as the kidnappers of Schleyer call themselves, is a very peculiar group. A Swiss woman seriously believed that it was being financed by the GDR and the Soviet Union, Perhaps the details of the RAF are not as important as the feeling that violence is here, and is here to stay.


INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Preaching Comes Easy G P D PRECEPTS are an important part of Brahmanical culture. They have a special fascination for the neo-Brah- mins of the subcontinent. Nothing thrills the hearts of our political leaders more than the possibility that they shall be able to 'teach' something to others. Now the Janata leaders have taken it upon themselves to teach the King of Nepal the importance of being a democrat. Having ridden the tide of anti -emergency sentiment they feel they are on top of the world. Their voices have acquired just that holiness which goes so well with Brahmanical preaching.

Accent on Continuity

IT is now three weeks since Atal Behari Vajpayee has been the externa] affairs minister of the 'largest democracy' in the world, It has been a superb performance, The old Krishna Menon style 'angavastram' has returned to the South Block; but Vajpayee's has not been merely a sartorial performance. He has been saying things which Y B Chavan had been saying earlier, perhaps a little more authentically, inasmuch as he chose to say them unlike his predecessors in an Indian language. Even cliches acquire a certain freshness if you say them in a different language. The South Block officials had perhaps never heard so much Hindi being spoken in their viceregal environs. The overused words and cliches have now acquired a new lease of life; 'gutanira- pekshata does sound a little different from 'non-alignment'. Whatever be the Hindi word for 'bureau'' the bureau of the non-aligned would also sound different now. A great linguistic change no doubt, and if our world is defined by our language, there is clearly a sea- change in India's foreign policy.


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