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Articles By A G Noorani

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act: Urgency of Review

The draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958 is under review in the Ministry of Home Affairs. This review must call for a drastic amendment of Section 4 which confers extreme powers on officers, including to cause death, and it must provide for the constitution of an appellate body to entertain complaints against forces using the AFSPA.

The Press Council: An Expensive Irrelevance

There are proposals to amend the Press Council Act 1978 to give the Press Council of India more powers, including the power to withhold advertisements. These are dangerous proposals. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the PCI does not need more powers. It needs a speedy burial by a statute. But that imposes on the media a burden it must bear if it is to deserve freedom. It must set up a credible, representative body to oversee a code of conduct drawn up by the media itself.

Lawless Lawyers

A new kind of justice has crept into the Bar in India. It is a form of mob justice in which those who earn their living by law and are pledged to uphold it have been pressurising their colleagues not to appear in cases where the assailants judge the accused guilty before trial and demand instant punishment by the court without allowing the accused their right to a fair trial.

Textbooks and the Constitution

When the state sanctions textbooks that are politically partisan, historically false or communally inciteful, the citizen's right to education is violated. There have been many instances of such a violation in India. But there should be legal remedies available. A case study from a court ruling in the United Kingdom on the screening of Al Gore's film on climate change in schools.