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Indian Workers in Multinational Companies

G K Lieten Where do workers in multinational corporations in India stand ideologically? According to one point of view these workers are typical examples of what Lenin termed the labour aristocracy, a segment of the working class which, by virtue of its position in the economically more developed and politically most crucial sector of the world economy, is able to command higher wages. This in turn divides the working class, with one sector finding itself increasingly incorporated into a socio-mental system based on the rationality and ethics of MNCs and growing more and more remote from other groups in their own country.

Old Stores from Calcutta to Palghat

Old Stores from Calcutta to Palghat G K Lieten Documents of the History of the Communist Party of India, Volume VIII, 1951-56, edited by Mohit Sen; People's Publishing House, New Delhi, 1977.

REVIEW-Indian Communists Look at Indian Communism

A NUMBER of books on Indian communism have been recently published. An interesting feature of these studies is that many of these have been produced by communists themselves. This is important for a number of reasons. History is an ideological discipline, and studies of the socialist movement, which incidentally, in the fifties and sixties, were almost exclusively sponsored by Cold. War institutions, have served the purpose of the ruling classes by drawing a monstrous picture of Communism and by disseminating the ideology of capitalism and imperialism.

State Politics

State Politics G K Lieten Electoral Politics in the Indian States: Party Systems and Cleavages by Myron Weiner and John Osgood Field (eds); Manchar Book Service;


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