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Oddly Even, or Evenly Odd

The odd-even car formula in Delhi has brought to the fore the class bias that always existed in the city. Can we learn from history to build a more just and equitable environment for all to live, or will we reinforce the old walls of inequality?

Communal Violence in Kozhikode Village

We strongly condemn the unprecedented communal violence at the end of January 2015, in Tuneri, Vellur and Kodanjeri villages, Nadapuram in Kozhikode, Kerala, in which more than a hundred Muslim families and homes were singled out, attacked, and crores worth of property destroyed.

The Court, the Sting, and the Snoops: Where does Justice Figure in All This?

When powerful men sexually harass women, and the state machinery violates their privacy, the demands for the right to unimpaired systems of redressal and to that of gender justice have to be made more vociferously.

Every Woman's Right to Say 'No'

This article is an attempt to understand the interrelated triad of love, masculinity and sexuality in the context of the recent "love crime" episode at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. The naturalising of violence and masculinised love is not "exceptional" anymore, and the woman's autonomy and right to say "no" have been subverted by their fear for safety.

Refashioning the Breast

Expressing unease with the celebration of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy, this article argues that the medical industry has played a masterstroke by casting the mastectomy debate in terms of an older “rights discourse” of the women’s movement. It suggests that the feminist and progressive movement hit back by asking questions to the scientific establishment about access, costs, and the necessity of specific forms of treatment. That may be the way forward towards not only accountability to “consumers”, but actually for equitable health-care for all.

Death in Police Custody

We have watched with disgust and horror the brutal police assault on students during a peaceful demonstration organised by four Left students’ organisations on 2 April 2013 in Kolkata and the subsequent death of Sudipta Gupta, a participant in the demonstration, while in police custody.

Ayodhya Verdict: Bad Theology, Without Justice

One of the most damaging consequences of the recent judgment by the Allahabad High Court on the dispute over the Babri Masjid is that it has provided a legal cover for a subtle shift from devasthana (holy place) to janmasthana (birthplace). It also lays the legal ground for converting the imagined birthplace of a diety into property claims which trump other claims to the same property. It thus opens a dangerous door to majoritarianism in India.

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