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Goa Elections: Politicians Disappoint Again

Using a mix of minority fears and money power, Congress(I) returned to power in Goa in the recent elections. But the quality and character of the new legislators is not likely to be much better. Many politicians with dubious reputations, charges of corruption and a record of party-hopping contested and won. The Goans hold political leaders responsible for the state's crisis of administration and they are not far wrong.

Goa Fighting the Bane of Tourism

Goa: Fighting the Bane of Tourism Frederick Noronha The ill-effects of tourism in Goa are getting widely debated in the press and among the politicians and the public. While people's organisations are mobilising to prevent further degradation of Goa's natural resources, the tourism industry in nexus with politicians is exploring new ways of making more and more of Goa's hinterland available to foreign tourists.


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