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The Crash of Japan

Frederic F Clairmont Though the crisis pathology of Japanese capitalism has its own specificities, its amplitude, trajectory and duration can only be analytically grasped in the rapidly evolving context of the unmanageable contradictions of capital accumulation and disaccumulation globally.

Iraq Logic of Exterminism

Frederic F Clairmont SINCE the end of the second world war, US imperialism's unswerving goal is the exclusive control of west Asia's vast petroleum and natural gas reserves. To consolidate and expand its hegemony, which now extends to the Caspian shores and the ex-Soviet Asian republics, it has mobilised all the sweeping powers of its military, intelligence, ideological and economic embargoes to crush every form of national resistance. Nowhere is this more strikingly in evidence than in Libya, Iran and Iraq. The second, is the no less merciless non-stop build-up and grinding deployment of its Israeli SS assault forces to underpin its strategic aggrandisement.

East Asia The Simmering Cauldron

Frederic F Clairmont With the onset of what indubitably is one of capitalism's most shattering economic, social and political crises of the post-war world, it is daily becoming clear that the erstwhile ' tigers' are losing their fangs. Already the reverberations of their agonies, not to speak of their spreading ecological apocalypse, itself the emanation of corporate greed, are felt beyond the region.

Hong Kong The East Is Red

Frederic F Clairmont The final union of Hong Kong and China will shape in a dramatic way the world economy of the new century round the corner. Remarkably, in this context, the Asia Pacific region's share of Hong Kong's trades has climbed from 45.3 per cent at the end of the 1970s to over 73 per cent at present.

The Transnational Gulag-Reflections on Power Inc

Reflections on Power Inc Frederic F Clairmont The current movement of capital accumulation is occurring at one of the most critical junctures of capitalism 's history since the Great Depression and the advent of the world economic crisis that erupted in the 1970s. The swift deceleration of world GDP has heightened national and imperialist antagonisms. Where are the promised glories of ' market freedom'? Indeed what are the social, political and economic contents of these freedoms'?

Israel The Dilemmas of Growth

much). NEW POLITICS? The events of Toronto clearly show that resistance to neo-liberal policies is high and increasing. However, what remains unclear is the capacity of labour and community groups to propose alternatives. Historically, the political party associated with labour was the centre-left New Democratic Party (NDP), which never held office in Ottawa but was elected in several provinces including Ontario in the early 1990s. But currently, the NDP is at a loss. Its social base is angry about what it perceived as a lack of focus and an inability to confront neo-liberalism when they are in public office. Secondly, the NDP has been unable to come up with innovative proposals concerning the crisis of national unity which has erupted once again since the 1995 Quebec referendum, which came close to breaking the country apart. Quebec's national aspirations have never been incorporated in the political culture of the NDP (nor for that matter in the more radical factions of the Canadian left). In return, Quebec nationalism which started from a left populist perspective has evolved towards the right, aiming at persuading the US that a break-up of Canada could be beneficial to Washington.

Greater Israel and Ethnic Cleansing

Frederic F Clairmont The Zionist state of Israel has become one of our century's most arrogant violators of human rights. Combined with US-sponsored state terrorist practices, it is among the world's most adept practitioners of ethnic cleansing.

Atlanta The Corporate Grab Bag

Frederic F Clairmont What Atlanta highlighted was the war of corporate capital, the war within the corporate Gulag, at its highest levels. The billions of dollars invested in TV time and the billboards point to one conclusion that the games themselves are the object of massive corporate colonisation.

Russia Countdown to What

Frederic F Clairmont Western diplomats in Moscow are in the pits of depression. The yield on their governments' investments of hundreds of millions of dollars have not been as lush as expected: Yeltsin's electoral score is derisory 35 per cent against Zyuganov's 32 per cent THE huge, palatial and majestic Spaso Palace, residence of the US ambassador in Moscow, was cursed by one communist militant as the seat of the Great Conspiracy. The hatred of a conqueror and usurper is understandably resented but the young woman is wrong. The word 'conspiracy' is inappropriate because there is no conspiracy. There is nothing to conceal inasmuch as the unbending goals of US policy and its hirelings within and outside the ex-Soviet Union are nakedly brandished as the triumph of the counter-revolution; of maintaining a defeated, humiliated and eviscerated Soviet Union within the cage of the banana republic that it is.

FRANCE-Mitterrand s Twisted Legacy

Mitterrand's Twisted Legacy Frederic F Clairmont Mitterrand's death occurred in the immediate aftermath of the most vigorous class struggles and social convulsions that France has experienced. Joblessness, according to official statistics, has spilled over 12 per cent; in reality it hovers around 19 per cent; and for the stricken Arab and African youth in the rotting urban ghettos, these grim numbers already outstrip 35 per cent. Between 1981, from Mitterrand's enthronement, to the end of 1995, the bourgeoisie's dividends and profits ballooned by 9.25 per cent yearly against the rise of 0.18 per cent in labour's earnings. These are among the exploitative legacies of mitterrandist misrule.

UNITED STATES-Triumphs of the Media Behemoth

Triumphs of the Media Behemoth Frederic F Clairmont The foundations of international capitalism are being reshaped at a phenomenal pace. The drive for bigger and bigger mega deals this year has surpassed those of any year in the record-breaking decade of 1980s. The most striking illustration of the pace of concentration is seen in the US communications industry.

Against the Common Enemy-Nazidom and German Corporate Capital

Nazidom and German Corporate Capital Frederic F Clairmont A thousand years will pass and the guilt of Nazi Germany will not be erased. Hans Frank, Governor General of Poland before he was hanged at Nuremberg AT 15.00 hours on Wednesday May 9, 1945. Genera] de Gaulle declared: "La guerre est gagnee. C'est la Victoria des Nations Unies et c 'est la Victoria de la France. L'ennemi allemand vient de capituler de- vant les armees alliees de I 'Quest et de I 'Est" [Le Monde May 9, 1945] (The war is won. It is the victory of the United Nations and the victory of France. The German enemy has surrendered to the allied armies of cast and west.) In the magnificent glory of that moment this terse utterance signalled the end of the most cruel and devastating of all wars, unleashed by the most tyrannical of tyrannies. At that instant were irrevocably shattered: the invincibility of the Nazi war machine and the doctrine of the Herrenvolk. Never had any nation been so decisively ground into fragments, its cities gutted, its peoples stricken, overwhelmed by the apocalypse of defeat. Twelve years after its ignoble parturition, solitary, humiliated, un- mourned, abandoned by its erstwhile friends, the Nazi monster was bulldozed contemptuously into the rubbish heap of history.


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