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Hindu Men. Monogamy and Uniform Civil Code

Flavia Agnes The Hindu Marriage Act, /955 transformed a Hindu marriage from an ancient and vedic 'sanskara' or sacrament to a modern and dissoluble contract. It also introduced for the first time the principle of monogamy. Little attempt has been made however, to rectify numerous lacunae in the act which provide ample scope for a Hindu man to escape both from the criminal consequences of a bigamous marriage and from the economic responsibility towards the second wife.

Protective Legislations Myth of Misuse

that of a "neutral" enforcer of the law except the fact that in enforcing the law the police beat to death a boy who happened to be ignorant of any court order. Such is the value of a "lawbreaker's" life.

Triple Talaq Judgment-Do Women Really Benefit

The Allahabad High Court's judgment regarding triple 'talaq' creates the erroneous irnpression that it safeguards the rights of Muslim women. In fact the judgment weakens their position by validating the discriminatory aspects of the Land Ceiling Act.

Women s Movement within a Secular Framework-Redefining the Agenda

The riots in Bombay which followed the demolition of the Babri masjid dealt a severe blow to the premise that women have a separate existence away from their communal identity where they can discuss problems of rape, divorce and maintenance on a common platform. If social action means reacting to external social reality, then as the external reality changes internal positions have to be redefined or else the movement will become redundant in the face of the newer challenges.

Rhetoric of Gender Justice

maintenance and renovation of tanks disappeared. Although the British government took several legislative measures for revival of tanks, none was effective. In the last couple of decades, the government realised that only through the active involvement of the beneficiaries of tanks could some desirable result be achieved. These issues are discussed elaborately in the section on maintenance of tanks.

Murder of Former Temple Priest at Ayodhya-Report of Fact-Finding Team

10,000 workers, designed to boost 'the bottom line'. But what about the workers' bottom line? Even in such a capitalist newspaper as The Washington Post one sensitive analyst had the courage to note:

Two Riots and After-A Fact-Finding Report on Bandra (East)

A Fact-Finding Report on Bandra (East) Behrampada, a slum area with a predominantly Muslim population in Bandra (east) in Bombay has been under tension since December 6, It has also been a particular target of attack and is now being portrayed as a den of Muslim fundamentalists which must be moved out of the area. An investigation into the riots in Bandra (east).

Maintenance for Women Rhetoric of Equality

Maintenance for Women Rhetoric of Equality Flavia Agnes A popular myth prevailing in society is that liberalised divorce laws will lead women to a life of 'freedom' which will corrode the moral fibre of society Consequently divorce laws have been so structured as to make the marital state a more attractive proposition in terms of economic security This assumption constrains all efforts to seek maintenance provisions which are just to women.

Protecting Women against Violence-Review of a Decade of Legislation, 1980-89

Review of a Decade of Legislation, 1980-89 Flavia Agnes Almost every single campaign against violence on women in the 1980s resulted in new legislations aimed at protecting women. However, these have had little impact. Why have these new enactments been ineffective in tackling the problem of violence on women? So long as the attitudes of the establishment remain anti-poor, anti- minority and anti-women, to what extent can laws bring social justice?


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