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Mexican Elections and Their Aftermath

The result of the presidential election in Mexico signifies the first effective challenge to the monolithic presidential system dominated by the RBI, which has ruled the country for 60 years.

MEXICO-Aftershocks of Earthquakes

October 26, 1985 As is explained in the above paragraphs, the major goals at each of these stages are clear enough: (1) universalisation of elementary education, (2) vocationalisation of secondary education and (3) rectification of the imbalances that have entered into higher education, by expanding technical education, including medical education. The first requirement for achieving any of these goals is of course a much larger allocation of resources to education. In practice, except for the Third Plan, the share of education in the plan allocations is declining from plan to plan

LATIN AMERICA-Foreign Debt Repayment Belling the Cat

September 7, 1985 of the more articulate drafters of the bill, felt tha this was the only way anything could be done for the children. She said, "without a legal framework, a trade union or anybody else is helpless and unable to do anything for the children".

Fidel Castro on Third World s Foreign Debt

for assessing development. In the next session a counterpoint was presented by V M Dandekar who was chairman of the Committee on Regional Imbalances. He brought out the political motives and undercurrents of the hue and cry over regional imbalances. Through statistics Dandekar showed that often some talukas within a district have received most of the benefits of development while other talukas

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