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LONDON- Britain s Gulf War

Examples of this nature are many. In TISCO, which is normally taken to be a private sector unit belonging to the House of Tatas, public financial institutions hold about 38 per cent of equity capital and constitute the single largest shareholder. In the Associated Cement "Company (ACQ, public financial institutions hold as much as 40 per cent of the equity capital. In VOLTAS, the financial institutions' holdings amount to about 30 per cent. And in ESCORTS, as much as 40 per cent. More striking is the case in Indian Iron and Steel Company where the holdings of public financial institutions constitute about 51 per cent of the total virtually making it a de facto Government company. All these have benefited largely from the use of public funds; but there has been little or no public direction of them in line with socio-economic policy of the Government. Indeed, many of them have drawn, apart from equity capital, substantial loans from the Government or financial institutions on which they pay a rate of interest very much lower than the rate of dividend they declare to the equity shareholders.

LONDON- The Apprentices Revolt

inevitable. It certainly, but only partially, vindicated the view of the RAF, that the invincibility of the 'bourgeois state' has been exaggerated by the prophets of doom to justify their inaction. Nevertheless, the RAF also proved by its follies that the 'theory of capitalistic contradictions', as an independent variable in the breakdown of the 'bourgeois state' is equally romantic; in the context of the material and technological resources of a developed capitalist State

LONDON- No One to Talk to

LONDON No One to Talk to Farrukh Dhondy MAUDLING says he wants to talk about Ireland, but the right people don't seem to be willing to talk to him. The war in Northern Ireland progresses on Several fronts. Life in Belfast and Londonderry doesn't quite go on as normal, the housewife out shopping is liable to return with fumes of British Army CS gas burning her eyes. Public buildings, large private business offices and banks have been gutted by bombs. Confrontations between soldiers and Catholic youths throwing stones are liable to break out at most times of the day, anywhere. The occasional sniper's bullet kills a soldier, the army regularly .shoots civilians by mistake and has riots on its hands. The British and Stormont governments think, now and then, that they know who the leaders of the armed conflict are and make armed raids on Catholic neighbourhoods to arrest and intern them. The Provisional IRA which claims responsibility for the attacks on the occupying army and on business premises, refuses to talk till internment ends. Needless to say, Maudling can't publicly offer to make deals with them.

LONDON- Ripple and Wave but Not the Tidal Current

December 25, 1971 been wide-ranging. Gittings has re- ported from Peking, through The Guardian (London), that according to the Chinese the principal contradiction in the world today is that between Russian social-imperialism and the revolutionary movements of the third world. This new contradiction has re- placed the earlier one between US imperialism and the awakening peoples of three continents who swayed world politics in the fifties and the sixties. If this is so, and if Japan is induced to join the Sino-American game, then the progressive role of China in South- East Asia has ended.

LONDON- All in Their Name

LONDON BRITAIN'S entry into the European Common Market is a dead certainty, in spite of the parliamentary games played to give its people the conviction that everything is done in their name and with their fingers dipped in the bowl of decision. At the Labour Party conference, the Trades Union representatives called upon to hold the disintegrating party together said some strong words about Roy Jenkins and the other pro-marketeers in their party. Some went so far as to suggest their expulsion. 'Smoothy Chops' Roy

LONDON-Prospero Is Stunned

November 13, 1971 this country and Thailand had no choice but to comply. The US can and docs establish military bases anywhere it chooses all over the world. Besides, the Thai government and the leaders of this country have benefited a great deal from the American presence. They are well aware of the fact that as a result this country has made great strides economically, It was only after the establishment of the military bases in Thailand that modern shops, movie theatres, good hotels, etc, began to make their appearance here.

Not without Outrage

September 11, 1971 ed in better understanding over problems of instability that the situation in East Pakistan was creating for the whole regjon. They also enabled Indonesia to understand the reasons for India signing a Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Co-operation with the Soviet Union.

LONDON- Tribulations and Trials

Wijeweera was released and the JVP began to hold a series of public meetings in the important cities. Large crowds flocked to see and hear the youthful leaders of the movement which had by then received so much publicity. The JVP called upon the Government to go forward to socialism and it promised full support it steps in this direction were taken. This was also the theme of the articles in their newspapers which first began to appear during this period. The masses, who had voted in the UF Government and who now expected it to take very radical measures, found the JVP expressing and articulating their own aspirations. The JVP was conceived of as a 'pressure group that would push the Government to the Left. There was thus a climate of sympathy for it.

LONDON-No More Pacification

agreed to forgive each other, while seeking to find out what is common between them. China receives a good Press in Yugoslavia and Belgrade television has been instrumental in parading China's achievements. Films shot in China by Yugoslavs have been sold to Western agencies.

LONDON- Tory Nationhood Defined

Nai Shwe Kyin is the President, the Shan State Army, of which Yang Kyin Sein is the commanding General and the Chin National Democratic Party, of which U Maung Tling is the President. Another large tribe, the Kachins, have not joined the Front because they want to fight for complete independence.

LONDON-Unused Political Dimension

March 6, 1971 Slump of a Growth Project (From a Special Correspondent) BHOPAL was the venue of a seminar on Economic Growth since Independence, organised by the Indian Association for Research in National Income and Wealth from February 12 to 14, 1971. The Association decided in 1964 to undertake a research project on India's economic growth, enlisting the co-operation of a number of scholars possessing specialised knowledge of this field. However, for various reasons, the growth project languished or progressed limpingly. The authorship of the different sections of the project had to be reallocated from time to time since some of those who had initially undertaken to write different sections could not devote time for their assignments. Even at the, time of the seminar, it was evident that much progress had not taken place. One objective of the seminar was thus to activate the interest of the experts in this field to participate more fully towards the completion of the project. Whether this objective will be attained, time alone can show.

LONDON-Hapless New Year

House, Barzel is in Warsaw trying to find chinks in the Chancellor's armour. Though reports suggest no new discoveries by them on the other side, one has to await their return to see what is up their sleeves.


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