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Despite Unionisation, Why Are Tea Workers Exploited?

Profits made by large tea corporations continue to increase at the expense of tea workers who are paid unfairly, and whose access to quality education, water, and other basic services is severely curtailed.

Maharashtra Elections: Why the Shiv Sena Leads an Unlikely Coalition

The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra has proved that its political ambitions are greater than its ideological commitments.

RBI’s Subservience to the Government Is Systemic, Not Ideological

The autonomous functioning of the Reserve Bank of India has been, if anything, an exception rather than the rule.

Revisiting India’s Exclusionary Approach to Human Rights

India must re-evaluate its human rights discourse to go beyond eurocentric notions and focus on overcoming specific marginalisations.

Transgender Bill 2019 is About Disciplining Minorities and Upholding a Patriarchal Family Structure

Under the garb of protecting minorities, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019, and the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, attempt to control nonconforming identities and non-biological family relations in a manner that keeps them subordinate to the patriarchal family structure.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Medical Research in the Aftermath of the Industrial Disaster

After the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, attempts were made to understand the effects of methyl isocyanide so that the victims could avail better treatment. However, time and again, relevant information from medical surveys was kept hidden.

Creating a ‘21st Century World’: Will Metro Systems Create ‘Smart Cities’?

By inviting private capital and adopting an urbanisation plan that caters to the affluent, India’s upcoming metro systems will not be a public good aimed for the masses.

How Political Parties Exploit the Anti-Defection Law to Form Governments

The Anti-Defection Law has several loopholes that obstruct the democratic functioning of the electoral process.


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