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Jats, Marathas, and Patels Want Quotas, But Do They Need Them?

The Early History of the RSS: A Reading List

What were the inflection points in the early history of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)?

World Environment Day: Are Development and the Environment at Odds With Each Other?

A series of articles think through whether development and the environment are in conflict with each other, using examples from multiple regions.

The MGR Phenomenon: How to be Worshipped by Those You Exploit

Beyond the Noise: A Reading List on Employment Trends in India

To understand the context within which the current debate about employment is playing out, it is important to examine long-standing trends in employment in India.

15th Finance Commission: Why Do Indian States Feel that Cooperative Federalism is Being Reversed?

Where There are Indians, There is Caste: A Reading List on Denial in Diaspora

A reading list discusses how caste manifests in Indian diasporas and how the fight against caste discrimination has played out globally.

How Gender and Caste Mediate Access to India's Water: A Reading List

A reading list examines the interplay of gender, caste and water.


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