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Need for Caution in Retail FDI

Though the government has been considering opening up the retail business to foreign direct investment for some time, it must first examine the constraints faced by traditional retailers in the supply chain and institute a package of safety nets as Thailand has done. India should also draw lessons from the restrictions placed on the expansion of organised retailing, in terms of sourcing, capital requirement, zoning, etc, in other Asian countries.This article comments on the retail FDI report that was commissioned by the department of consumer affairs and suggests the need for a more comprehensive study.

Social Sector Allocations

The reform packages that the different governments have come up with might have varied in terms of the language used, but have been identical in content. Not much public debate has ever taken place on any of these reform models, as they came from the west and were transplanted on Indian soil. The ?reformists? saw reforms as an end in itself. No attempt was ever made to understand human development concerns and no changes were initiated to mitigate them. The daily gyrations of Sensex seem to excite reformists in Delhi more than the muted wail of the millions who are inherently disadvantaged, exploited and unable to articulate their views. The latest budget, though more sensitive to these concerns in some ways, is no exception.

Electricity Regulation: Theory and Practice

extension, removal and re-employ- Electricity Regulation: ment procedures must be fully transparent. The degree of transparency in this regard in case of Indian regulators has varied Theory and Practice across sectors, but in general the political Governing Power: A New Institution of Governance

Is Rural Economy Breaking Down?

Farmers' suicides represent only the tip of the iceberg. To attribute the rural crisis entirely to poverty and drought would be an oversimplification of the situation and the several ways in which village economy is under stress today. Hastily announced relief packages do not address this complex situation.

Disinvestment: What FM Have Said since 1991

The finance minister's annual budget speech is usually a good indicator of the official stand on many policy matters. What have the successive finance ministers said about disinvestment? Has there been a well thought out policy framework at any point of time?


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