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Articles By Dunu Roy

Eco-labour’s Challenge to the Neo-liberal Understanding of Nature

A conversation is constructed around three themes that mediate the encounter between labour and nature. The first is external pollution and internal hazards, that workers know it is the same toxins affecting their workplace that are responsible for the impact on the environment. The second is collective labour and cumulative nature, that as workers collectivise at work to press their demands for justice, they become conscious of the cumulative impact of labour on ecosystems. The third is externalities and exertions, that the invisible costs of production immanent in waste streams are similar to the invisible appropriation of labour’s surplus. These three streams are brought together to show how labour’s alienation from nature is not rooted in the nature of labour, but is a construct of capitalism that can be overcome only when industrial society is challenged and transformed.

Hydropower in Uttarakhand: Is 'Development' the Real Objective?

A perusal of environment impact assessments for hydel projects in Uttarakhand brings out various deficiencies in the reports, and the unstudied manner in which such projects have been embarked upon. That many more of such projects have been proposed points to the muddled direction adopted for energy supply, reminding us of the hydropower story in the United States.

Delhi: Organising for Safe Livelihoods: Feasible Options

For many decades now, the prevailing wisdom has been to organise workers at the place of work. Industry in India, however has clearly moved away from the model of the large-scale organised production process. Labour associations have found it difficult to organise the insecure and distributed workforce. The movement among workers displaced by the relocation of industry in Delhi offers some alternatives to the traditional forms of organisation