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Reflections on Annual Status of Educational Research 2012

The Annual Status of Educational Research 2012 refl ects an overall picture of increased enrolment in school but with a large percentage showing limited foundational skills of formal learning. Parents, especially those from the economically weaker sections, are unhappy with the Right to Education Act's emphasis on no detention until Standard IX. They seem to prefer a schooling system that examines students regularly to assess and correct their formal learning skills.

Continuously and Comprehensively Evaluating Children

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a key educational reform in assessment proposed by the Central Board of Secondary Education for primary and upper primary classes in affi liated schools. This article makes an attempt to analyse the teachers' manual for class sixth to eighth. The premise of such an evaluation framework is sound but the manual actually goes against its very spirit. CCE is not so much about assessment per se as it is about understanding the ways in which children learn, refl ecting on the teaching-learning processes employed in schools and empowering both students and teachers in processes related to schooling.

What Is Learning and Where Is It Happening?

"Learning Levels and Gaps in Pakistan: A Comparison with Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh" (EPW, 30 June 2012) overgeneralises the fi ndings of the study on which it is based without bothering to analyse them to throw light on why children learn the way they do, or why children do not learn enough, leave alone contemplating what constitutes meaningful learning.


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