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New information Technologies and Developing Countries-Implications for Human Resources Development

Developing Countries Implications for Human Resources Development Dieter Ernst Private firms based in the major OECD countries are under increasing pressure to expand the worldwide proliferation of their technologies, penetrate or at least retain increasingly protected markets and spread (he excessive cost burden of research and development. On the other hand, the process of transferring and disseminating technology, once started, is increasingly eroding the capacity of these very firms, including the most powerful multinational corporations, to control this technology, i e, to remain in a position of technological dominance.

Automation, Employment and Third World- Case of Electronics Industry

Automation, Employment and Third World Case of Electronics Industry Dieter Ernst This paper explores how computer-based automation is likely to affect international transfer of technology and North-South industrial redeployment in the electronics industry and what implications are to be drawn for employment generation, skill formation and industrial policies in the Third World, The paper begins with an assessment of employment and skill effects of world market-oriented electronics manufacturing in South East Asia during the 1970s. It then outlines how the proliferation of computer-based automation is already transforming the prevailing modes of internationalising the electronics industry and its implications for off-shore chip assembly In particular, the rationale underlying the recent transfer of automated electronics manufacturing activities to a select number of Third World growth poles is discussed.

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