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Articles By Deepita Chakravarty

Trade Unions and Business Firms: Unorganised Manufacturing in West Bengal

Earlier studies held the militant trade unionism of the 1970s and the early 1980s responsible for the increasing importance of unorganised manufacturing activities in West Bengal. This paper argues instead that this importance of unorganised manufacturing was not so much the result of weakening trade unionism and a vulnerable workforce, but the outcome of an implicit understanding between the trade unions and the management. This understanding allowed wage growth to continue in the absence of productivity growth, alongside the gradual reduction of permanent workers in favour of contract workers, and the farming out of production to the unorganised sector by firms.

Girl Children in the Care Economy: Domestics in West Bengal

Work participation rates among women are low in West Bengal, below the national average; but the state has the highest incidence of working girl children in the urban areas. Based mainly on secondary data, the analysis here suggests that the relatively high prevalence of domestic service and the tradition of inducting girl children into it have led to this trend. A complex interaction of historical, cultural and social practices, together with economic factors, determine women's work in general and that of girl children in particular. A significant factor in this context is the increasing urban affluence in the state led by the growth of the service sector in the recent years.

Banking on Themselves

We Are Poor But So Many: The Story of Self-Employed Women in India by Ela R Bhatt; Oxford University Press, 2006; DEEPITA CHAKRAVARTY Ihope I am not wide of the mark in calling this book an autobiography of Ela R Bhatt and also a biography of the evolution of a trade union of unorganised poor women workers in Gujarat at the same time, for they seem to me to be symbiotically linked to each other. In her own words the book is about

Growing Services in India

This study is an explorative, inter-sectoral analysis of state domestic product data to understand the determinants of services sector growth in India during recent years. It is a demand side analysis where the services sector output of a specific state is not only a function of the outputs of a state's own agriculture and industry but also the output of the commodity-producing sector of the rest of the Indian economy. The findings suggest that while a state's own industry turns out to be the most important determinant of services sector growth, the commodity-producing sector of the country outside the state does play a significant role as well in determining services sector performance under certain conditions that basically relate to the supply side.