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Report of the Committee for Sub-national Accounts

The report of the Committee for Sub-national Accounts to review the concepts and data requirements for the preparation of state/district income estimates comes at a crucial juncture. This article investigates how the committee’s recommendations will be useful for the impending revision of the base year for national accounts and state income estimates.

Re-examining Vertical Sharing and Horizontal Distribution of Fiscal Resources in India

Previous efforts to decompose intergovernmental transfers made by the Twelfth and Thirteenth Finance Commissions into vertical and horizontal components estimate the extent of horizontal fiscal equalisation achieved through transfers at around 90%. But other channels of central transfers and spending, mostly bypassing state budgets, also have implications for regional welfare and horizontal fiscal equalisation. A comprehensive view is preferable for all central transfers and spendings having implications for regional welfare in examining vertical sharing and horizontal fiscal equalisation in India. Some methodological concerns over the decomposition of central transfers into vertical and horizontal components are addressed.
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