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Articles By Deepak Bhojwani

China's Involvement in Latin America

China's relations with Latin America and the Caribbean have grown enormously in recent years, built on the back of carefully implemented policies. Extensive funding, technical and strategic assistance to friendly regimes guarantees China staunch political support in a region that has begun to assert its independence from the United States. India lags in its approach to the region; it needs a vision and a strategy for LAC it does not have.

The Left in Latin America and the Caribbean

The New Left in Latin America and the Caribbean has not only come into being, but has also survived because of manifest failures of the ruling class in several countries. Its legitimacy has been reaffi rmed through democratic elections. Strong management of natural resources, generous social and redistributive programmes, tight political control over the party apparatus as well as over the military establishment, have ensured longevity. Traditional patterns of economic collaboration have been successfully challenged by these leaders, and efforts to dislodge or discredit them have not met with great success.

Responsibility to Protect

The doctrine of "Responsibility to Protect" was adopted by the international community at the United Nations in 2009 to prevent genocides, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Diffi cult as it is to implement, the manner of application of the doctrine in Libya has raised concerns. The suggestions from Brazil for a more circumspect application of this principle, subjecting it to more calibrations, must be welcomed by the UN Security Council.