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The Price of Dalit Assertion

In Odisha, especially in the western part, dalits face a peculiar situation. On the one hand, they suffer the indignity of the age-old caste system and on the other, they are perceived by tribal communities as "exploiters", and at times, bear the brunt of their fury too. Such a perception accentuates the hatred against dalits and also seems to justify attacks. This fi eld study in Lathore, a village in the block of Khaprakhol of Balangir district of Odisha, demonstrates how in such a hostile atmosphere, even minor incidents involving individual dalits lead to horrendous consequences.

State Repression in Kashipur

The state government of Orissa has once again unleashed repression on the anti-mining movement of Kashipur by defying all democratic norms. Six people were injured during protests against the police at Karol in December 2004, which was widely seen as an attempt to suppress resistance against the proposed bauxite mine and alumina plant. The forces deployed in the area regularly visit the weekly markets to beat and threaten people, check vehicles and search local activists.

Mining 'Development' and MNCs

The 19th World Mining Congress and Expo held last November to promote mining invited protests from groups which have been adversely affected by mining activities in the country. Some of the corporations which have evinced an interest in India are notorious for forcibly evicting communities on mineral-rich land in Colombo and for other human rights violations. The 'mining campaigns' of international NGOs are, in fact, playing a facilitating role in enhancing the corporatisation of natural resources.

Orissa: Surviving against Odds

Kashipur's woes began with the displacement of a majority of its people from land and forests, they long had traditional rights to. Yet, despite their unevenly matched struggle against a government that remains indifferent, and against the sweeping tide of industrialisation, theirs remains a story of sustained agitation and hope that has now also encompassed disaffected tribals in other areas as well.

For a Better Deal

Debaranjan Sarangi The state marketing agency in Kandhamal division of Orissa has stopped buying and marketing plates made from 'siali' leaves, a minor forest produce, threatening the only means of livelihood of the tribals.

ORISSA-Peoples Resistance to TISCO Project

charitable organisations have heavy demands on their limited funds. To use their funds inefficiently is to betray their trust in the hospital. Rather than give additional funds for treatment, they are likely to direct their resources to more efficient providers of health care. P M Pai, the dean of KEM Hospital, slated that "In a public hospital a patient cannot demand high-technology treatment of his choice free of cost'' (The Times of India, March 22). Surely the public can demand that such treatment be provided in the most economic and scientific way possible.

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