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Revolutions and Their Outcomes

ECONOMIC AND FOtlTICAE WEEKLY Revolutions and Their Outcomes David Lehmann States and Social Revolutions: AComparative Analysis of Fiance, Russia and China by Theda Skocpol; Cambridge University Press, 1979; pp xvii + 406, bibl and notes.

BRAZIL- Long Haul for the Left

present workforce cannot be ruled out. Apart from the practice of double booking, the present gang system too seems to contribute to low labour productivity. With nine men forming a 'gang' and with the best efficiency being obtained only from 'pairing" the system leaves the odd man out idle. According to K K Roy Ganguly of the Dock Shramik Association, the workmen have been vainly demanding that gangs should be of ten persons for the last five years. Sometime in October 1978, the DLB reportedly decided to raise the number of a gang to ten but the decision has not been implemented till now.

Of Circuits and Networks

David Lehmann most suitable one, for conferences are occasions for the renewal of old networks and the creation of new ones. On this occasion I found a particularly varied combination the Chilean Oppo- sition (two activist-offcials from Popular Unity days), Indian officialdom (two IAS land reform enthusiasts), four Latin American agrarianists (two Jews, two non-Jews), several present and former Cambridge graduate students dispersed through South and South- East Asia, and even an old disused" Oxford/India network (whose tentacles reach into Cambridge, Sussex, the Ford Foundation and so on).
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