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Economic Crisis, Poverty and War in Contemporary Sri Lanka-On Ostriches and Tinderboxes

Contemporary Sri Lanka On Ostriches and Tinderboxes Introduction SRI LANKA seems headed towards a period of considerable political volatility and social turbulence. Fundamental structural problems that had hitherto been masked by its apparent economic success (and that had thus been underplayed) are now beginning to surface. And a potentially explosive situation could yet develop if deteriorating international conditions undermine economic growth in the context of a growing social divide, continuing ethnic conflict, and an erosion of public confidence in the mainstream political leadership.

Stabilisation and Adjustment Sri Lankan Experience 1977-1993

Experience, 1977-1993 David Dunham Saman Kelegama This article views the Sri Lankan reform experience in relation to economic and political circumstances and the economic and political objectives of the incumbent government. In the inevitably politicised process of tradeoffs incorporating political responses, there is bound to be tension between stabilisation and adjustment policies. In the Sri Lankan experience it was stabilisation that was given lower priority. Ad hoc piecemeal reform had a rationale of its own.
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