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Srikrishna Committee: Thorough But Unviable

It is unfortunate that the Srikrishna Committee turned out to be insensitive to the passionate disapproval in Telangana of a Samaikya (United) Andhra identity. This seems primarily because of the hegemonic thinking that puts a premium on development and technology in meeting people's aspirations. This thinking finds favour with the coastal Andhra capitalist elite, for this class believes in the global consensus on neoliberal development as a panacea for all social problems. This in essence means the subordination in Telangana of the people's collective aspirations to the interests of capital.

'Adarana' Programme and Vote Bank Politics in Andhra Pradesh

Claiming to address the concerns of backward caste communities, Adarana, a welfare scheme floated by Andhra Pradesh chief minister in the election year, aims to consolidate the base of the Telugu Desam Party among the backward castes by selectively disbursing financial assistance for self-employment.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Victimising Dalits

and selling products derived from Basmati germplasm without 'prior informed consent' and proper 'material transfer agreements' executed with India and Pakistan, arc in fact guilty of stealing our property. The Americans are the second largest rice exporters in the world, if they have not already been overtaken by Vietnam. They can) a large amount of money from the commercial exploitation of rice germplasm which does not belong to them.

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