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Macro-Economic Balance of Draft Plan

ECONOMIC AND-POLITICAL WEEKLY Macro-Economic Balance of Draft Plan D R C THE draft Five-Year Plan, 1978-83, issued in April 1978 makes interesting leading. The first two chapters of Part II of the Draft mainly deal with the physical and financial balance. The chapter on production plan covers the choice of growth rates, demand projec tions and production targets for key commodities and services, the demographic perspective including age structure of the projected population and expected labour force and expected proportions of population below the poverty level. The targets have been worked out with a longer perspective of the decade ending 1978-88. The physical production and employment targets are presented for two points of time, viz, 1977-78 and 1982-83 and in some cases for 1987-88 also. For key items like petroleum products even annual demand projections from 1976-77 onwards have been presented. The next chapter on financial resources limits itself to the quinquennium 1978-83 and also primarily to the public sector, though the overall balance of financial resources is also presented taking into account the saving expected to be generated in the private corporate and household sectors of the economy. Also, only five-year estimates are given excepting for gross domestic saving where the aggregate estimates for the two end points for the three sectors of public, private corporate and household are also included.
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