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Oilseeds Technology Mission Makes Little Impact

Oilseeds: Technology Mission Makes Little Impact D P Sharma GOING by reports from a cross-section of knowledgeable persons in the oilseeds trade and industry about the progress of the crops in the major oilseed-producing areas, kharif crop prospects appear very reassuring. The view is widely shared that if the last spell of rains is good and timely

Textile Industry s False Alarm

Textile Industry's False Alarm D P Sharma THE cotton mill industry is known to have made several representations drawing the government's attention to the acute shortage of cotton and the consequent rise in prices to record high levels eroding the operational viability of mills and threatening their closure. Completely unmindful of the serious foreign exchange constraint, the Southern India Mills' Association (SIMA) has recently pleaded for import of-a minimum five lakh bales of cotton- half of its earlier demand

Private Sector s Privateness

Private Sector's Privateness D P Sharma ADITYA BIRLA's assessment of the emerging stock market scenario contained in a 'confidential' document circulated among a select group of company chairmen and chiefs of financial institutions makes an interesting study, raising many pertinent issues. Since the document is in the nature of a "request to restore the privateness of the private sector" the entire focus is on the "imminent and ominous'' threat to such privateness arising from the increasing shareholding of financial institutions, particularly mutual funds.

Record Crop Fails to Dampen Prices

Record Crop Fails to Dampen Prices D P Sharma RECORD high prices in a year of record indigenous supply could welt be described as the most outstanding aspect of the edible oils market scene during the current oil year (November-October) which has now two more months to go. Edible oil prices touched their all-time highs in the first week of August. The quotation for groundnut oil in Bombay (wholesale market) was marked up to Rs 37,700 a tonne. The other quotations were: kardi oil Rs 40,500, refined rapeseed oil Rs 31,700, refined cottonseed oil Rs 35,100, refined soybean oil Rs 35,500 and edible grade rice bran oil Rs 29,500. The rise in prices since the beginning of the season ranges from 16 per cent to 27 per cent.

Trade Dictates Cotton Prices

Trade Dictates Cotton Prices D P Sharma THE rise in cotron and yarn prices has, of late, been the subject of an animated debate reflecting the conflicting interests of the participants in the debate. Reports of discussions the representatives of the industry have had with the textile ministry at various levels indicate widely varying perceptions with each segment offering suggestions for remedial action best suited to subserve its own interest. The official approach to dealing with the complex phenomenon of rise in prices seems to have been influenced less by its own thoughtful assessment of the prevailing market situation than by the alarm signals raised by the decentralised weaving sector highlighting the serious repercussions of the rise in yarn prices on its declining fortunes.

Pundits Proved Wrong

Pundits Proved Wrong D P Sharma THE stock market is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Few could have imagined that a market, which had got badly mauled by the nasty fall from its October peak and had been convalescing for over five months in an environment fouled by grave political uncertainties and the rapidly deteriorating balance of payments position, could make the kind of dash it has

Export Potential of Vegetable Oils and Oilcakes

The steady deterioration in the supply position of vegetable oils and the consequent sharp rise in their prices have not only caused hardship to consumers and oil-based industries, but also ruined our once-lucrative export trade in these oils.


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