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The Colossus of Human Rights Jurisprudence

In memory of K G Kannabiran - the genial giant, the insurgent jurisprudent and constitutional visionary.

Re-promulgation of POTO

The re-promulgation of POTO by the government after it had failed to introduce it in parliament is a subversion of the Constitution and a usurpation of the powers of the legislature by the executive.

Medico s Strike against Privatisation

D Nagasaila V Suresh The agitation by Tamil Nadu medical students and residents in August brought to the forefront more than the issues of commercialisation of education and the ethics of being able to purchase seats for money. It has thrown open larger questions of policy-making with regard to medical education and health in the country THE issue of private medical colleges and the charging of capitation.fees had taken the three southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka by storm in the recent past. Although the immediate provocation for the spontaneous agitations varies in each of these states, the underlying issues are one and the same. They question the commercialisation of medical education and the bartering away of merit for money. The attempt here is to trace the history and course of the agitation in Tamil Nadu (TN).

Can Right to Education be a Fundamental Right

Can Right to Education be a Fundamental Right?
D Nagasaila V Suresh S P SATHE (August 29) has criticised the judgment of the Supreme Court (SC) in Mohinl Jain case as being faulty both on doctrinal and practical grounds, ft is however difficult to agree with the views of Sathe, because for one, declaring the right to education as a fundamental right is well within the constitutional framework and secondly the practicality or otherwise of a right can never be the basis for declaring or recognising a right.

Family Courts A Critique

Family Courts: A Critique D Nagasaila The setting up of family courts represents a shift from legalism to welfarism. The introduction of conciliation and the informal justice system, without safeguards, could have the effect of relegating women and women's issues to the "private" sphere.

Towards Legal Literacy

domestic manufacture. But what is important is that, since a is less than one, the resulting fall in domestic manufacture production is greater than D' or the loss in agricultural output through 'drain'.

Sexual Harassment as Sex Discrimination

Discrimination D Nagasaila Although sexual harassment at the workplace is widespread, Indian laws, criminal and labour, offer little protection to women. In the US, two recent judgments have ruled that such harassment amounts to sexual discrimination.

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