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Social Tensions and Protest Movements in Maharashtra

Social Tensions and Protest Movements in Maharashtra D N Dhanagare GROWING social tensions have become an inseparable part of modernising societies and have been an important source of a variety of protest movements

Telangana Movement Revisited

yields in response to increase in tube- well irrigation which, apparently, is still only a minor component in the agricultural map accounting for less than 10 per cent of total cultivated area. While no separate data are given for the irrigated areas, there is also no indication of any improvement in the yields of crops which are usually grown under irrigation. Second, the repayment of crop loans disbursed by the Farmers' Service Co-operative Societies appears to be as tardy as elsewhere in the country though the Report describes the steps being taken to improve the situation in the next few years. It is only fair to note that not all dimensions of performance are quantifiable. The Report relates in some detail a few suggestive instances of initial conflicts and resistance occasioned by implemen tation of programmes relating to new crops, practices and forms of co-operative action. It is claimed that the CADC is making good progress in overcoming these hurdles to win approval and participation by the local people, particularly the poor.

Colonialism and Urban Culture

Colonialism and Urban Culture D N Dhanagare Colonial Urban Development: Culture, Social Power and Environment by Anthony D King; Routledge and kegan paul, London; pp 328;

Making a Fetish of Concepts

Making a Fetish of Concepts D N Dhanagare Leadership and Local Politics: A Study of Meerut District in Uttar Pradesh, 1923-1973, by S N Jha : Popular Prakashan, Bombay 1979;

Urbanism and Crime

D N Dhanagare The excess of crime in cities is taken for granted more often than it is confirmed with adequate evidence. It is generally held that a larger proportion of crime in the cities is against property and in the country against person.

Political Elite and Caste Association-A Comment

suggest a possible weighting pattern to combine expenditure pattern and size of middle class population to provide a measure of relative costliness among cities. This method can perhaps be employed when the object is merely to rank the cities in the order of costliness. A more precise measure of the economic distance between cities could be gauged by per capita national income of cities. In the absence of data about this variable, the study is made with the limited objective of ranking cities.

Violence in the Fourth General Elections-A Study in Political Conflict

Study of social conflict has been so far largely confined to the sphere of industrial relations. There have been few attempts to use the conflict model to understand the dynamics of the country's political system.


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