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P N Mathur D Ghosh To economists in India and abroad, P N Mathur's name was synonymous with input-output analysis, but for Mathur input- output analysis was only a tool in his quest for understanding how economic systems work. In this quest his focus was on the interrelationships among prices, wages, interest rates and technology.

Ceiling on Land

October 7, 1972 weak units, market conditions, etc. Banks should then take into account growth potential, future revival of market conditions, etc.

On Differential Rates of Interest-Rejoinder

ciously brought in, the pressure will be strong to divide the cake so as to suit the preferences of those in power (politicians, civil servants and professionals included) and not to meet the social needs of the times. The pattern of allocation of the financial and physical resources among the different housing schemes in our States lends modest support to this hypothesis.9 An analysis of their housing programmes would show that one-third to one-half of the funds have been spent on schemes that benefit the "middle class" segment of the population. Is this justified by the relative size of this group in our total population or by the social needs of the times? The vast majority of our people are not in a position even to take advantage of the housing schemes provided for the so-called low income group. In the present context, the development of house sites for the landless and slum clearance for the urban poor should be the priority activities in the field of housing. The "Approach to the Fifth Plan" is entirely right in giving special attention to these programmes, The allocations for the low income and middle income groups should not be out of proportion to the relative importance of these groups in the total population.

Doing without Aid

Doing without Aid D Ghosh INTERNATIONAL philanthropy has been on the decline in recent years and India, as the largest recipient of foreign aid, is faced with the problem of doing without it with as little damage to its national economy as possible. The purpose of this note is to analyse the problem and to discuss its solution.

On Differential Rates of Interest-Comment

are few and the commodities of exchange cover a very narrow range. After Japan, India has been a major supplier and importer of goods from Africa.

Is There a Choice

of the population: crash programme for rural employment, minimum wage guarantee schemes, scheme for the small farmers, marginal farmers and landless labourers, for soil and water conservation, for custom service needed for the new technology and for credit and input supply? This would be more genuine evidence of one's so cialist faith than merely trampling on the monopoly houses. There is no need to 'stand economic theory on it head' for reduction of poverty. It is more a question of economic workmanship, ideological orientation and, above all, empathy for the poor, which the Father of the Nation vainly tried to instil in our political leadership.

Garibi Hatao-Making the Capitalist Heti Lay the Socialist Egg

'Garibi Hatao' Making the Capitalist Heti Lay the Socialist Egg D Ghosh WE are a poor people, In recent years the income per head in this country has been of the order of rupee one per day. How little a rupee can buy in these days of high prices need not be worked out in detail.

Unemployment Some Policy Issues

In the short period, the scope for employment in any economy is defined by the amount and variety of the capital equipment that is available to co-operate with labour in producing the national output. There are, however, two ways in which employment may be increased even in the short run. First, the existing capital equipment can be used more intensively; factories may work more than one shift and machines may be worked longer hours. Second, a lot can be done to extend employment in old labour- intensive industries and to discover new areas of labour-intensive production.


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