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Articles By D Bandyopadhyay

Andhra Pradesh: Looking beyond Vision 2020

Where landlessness and exploitative informal tenancy relationships are the major causes of acute rural poverty and where the bureaucracy has a proven track-record of not reaching the lowest layers of the poor, without land reforms and empowerment of panchayats the best intentions of the Andhra Pradesh government will not give the desired results, leading to enormous investment in the rural sector yielding sub-optimal social returns.

Can Sundarbans Be Saved?

The Sundarbans has lost much at the hands of the colonial rulers, the erstwhile zamindars and the latterday fishery mafias. But there is much that can and must be saved. Civil society's strong and determined intervention to save the Chilka Lake has shown the way. Environmentalists and social activists must join hands to mobilise public opinion to save the Sundarbans and its 3.5 million small farmers, fishermen, woodcutters, honey collectors, boatmen and the like.